1. is it me, or is he tall?


  2. It’s not just you. We found out on Tuesday that homeboy is 23 and 3/4 inches tall. He’s in the 91 percentile. He’s going to TOWER over us. (I come from an extended family of giant men. So maybe he got it from them? Who knows. But he’s tall right now, that’s for sure.)


  3. Though he is tall, I still want to eat him up! He is such a sweet bebeh!


  4. Boy, he is long—and beautiful! Lucky boy.

    I feel for you with the skin woes and will be thinking happy thoughts. I grew up in Texas and was constantly teased for being pale, even in college. It was such a relief to move to the overcast Northeast and have that issue go away! Here in London, it is a total non-issue, although you do occasionally see entire planes full of people returning to Gatwick airport burned to an absolute crisp. Apparently, it means you have money to travel! Who knew? Brits are weird.


  5. Right before they’re born, they’re doing that inside of their mothers!


  6. I KNOW! I have a spot on my upper right side right below my right boob that has nerve damage. I can’t feel a thing if it’s touched. Totally numb. Kid kicked my butt!


  7. I think he’s dreaming of his having very own track bike :)


  8. I get that way when the RLS kicks in.


  9. I showed the video to Makenna and she says: “Beebee hemoree is happy.”


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