Like the Smell of a New Eraser.

The other night I was standing in the living room trying to calm a cranky, gassy baby when all of a sudden Tobyjoe looked at me and screamed, “SCHOOL SUPPLIES!” Just like that, out of nowhere, SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Like he suddenly remembered that school was starting, like, tomorrow and Emory wasn’t prepared because we totally forgot to buy him school supplies.

“I never really got what I needed when it came to school supplies.” Toby continued.

“Like trapper keepers with cats on them? Or, better, unicorns?”

“Yeah. I had to ask other kids for stuff. But I’m going to buy our boy the best school supplies ever. I’m going to get him exactly what he needs.”

I married a man who daydreams about buying his son the proper school supplies. I married that man and I gave birth to a pretty amazing little person. I realize he’s only three weeks old and all he really does is pee and poop and eat and fart, but he makes some of the best farts I’ve ever heard.

This is going to be awesome.


  1. Wow. Michele that killed me. I actually got choked up. You stare into the face of your child and think about all of the things you went without and hope that you have the means to provide your child with everything he or she needs. I have my own list of things earmarked for grace that I didn’t have.


  2. When I look at his father, I think, “Wow, Emory, you’re one lucky little dude. You’re also going to be a lucky little dude with the best bike in the neighborhood but don’t try and sneak anything by on your computer. Good luck with that.”




  4. You guys are awesome. And he is one lucky little guy. :)


  5. OK, Mihow, two post-pregnancy questions for you:

    1) Do you miss being pregnant?
    2) Does the heartburn go away?

    39-weeks and no sign of labor

    In all seriousness, though, he is one perfect little dude! And how lucky he is to have parents like the two of you!


  6. I am about a quarter of the way through my labor story and I bring up the heartburn! Oh man, it was AWFUL right when I went into actual labor labor and then as if a miracle took place, the MOMENT I pushed out the little guy, it was GONE ENTIRELY. I haven’t had it since.

    So, yes, you will be free of it immediately. I promise.

    I do miss being pregnant. It’s weird, I never thought I’d think that, but I really do.


  7. It’s funny – I was actually chewing Tums as I was trying to push out my son because the heartburn was so bad. The minute he was out, it was gone completely. Amazing.


  8. You got your wish, Michele. At least one of them anyway. Emory has your eyes.


  9. I begged the doctors for something ANYTHING for the heartburn when I was told it was almost time to start pushing. They put an order in for pepcid that was going to be put into my IV. (I had hoses going into almost every part of my body at that point, including my cervix to monitor contractions better). The pepcid didn’t come in time, however. And so I had to push with all that horrible heartburn. but at that point, it didn’t matter.

    Between every contraction and pushing, I would either grab the oxygen or a Pedialite popsicle. The popsicle helped A LOT. (Thanks, Rachel!) The heartburn was so bad, however, I got that little dude out in 40 minutes flat. (Granted, I was laid up for two days, so I was ready to get it done with already.)

    The miracle of birth cures all heartburn from what I can tell.

    Mike you think? I wonder if his eyes will stay blue or if they’ll turn green, which is what TJ has. hmmmmmm Wonder when that happens as well.


  10. I am adding Tums to my hospital bag RIGHT NOW! Thank you for the tip-I NEVER would have thought of that! Heartburn in labor-so unfair!


  11. Damn cross out shit while using textile. Sorry, Kidkate.


  12. Aw, I want to make a list for my future babies right now! That bubby is such a sweet pea!


  13. toby needs a hair cut.


  14. Rachel, every time you say that, he goes and shaves his head! I don’t mind the head shaving thing, but I prefer the hair. :] Bet he shaves it in the next couple of days. It sucks living in NYC where you can’t find a haircut for less than 75 bucks, male or female. He won’t pay that much and I can’t say I blame him. Clippers, he we come!


  15. That is why I cut Brian’s hair. Sorry I know you like the hair but that boy just cant grow it without looking like an asian math student. (ok more so when he was dying his hair black) did I say that out loud?


  16. Sounds like it already is awesome!


  17. I think the changing of the eye colour can happen anytime in the first couple of years. Mine changed from blue to brown at 10 months. My son’s were grey when he was born, now they are brown around the pupil, but grey near the outside. I’m not sure if they will go completely brown, but I would expect so, as both me and my husband have brown eyes. He’s just over a year, and they are still slooowly changing.

    Emory totally looks like he is taking a bite out of his dad’s shoulder.


  18. nervous and small August 31, 2007 at 1:51 pm

    Oh….all moms think their kidz fartz smell the best……

    Oh….wait…..:D :D :D


  19. every things going to be great. i can tell you & toby have what it takes!


  20. That school supplies thing made me cry. Seriously, I had tears.


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