Pictures of Emory

I finally got around to downloading some pictures from the camera.

I always declared (and proudly) that I wasn’t going to become one of those mothers guilty of letting everyone know how smart her kid is or how good looking he is. But, man! I think this kid is pretty darned cute. Biased as it sounds, he’s really easy on my eyes. I could stare at him forever.

There are a couple more here.

In other news, Emory’s nubbin fell off yesterday evening. He was having some tummy time and the next thing we know there’s a fresh bellybutton staring us in the eyes. I’m excited about this. Now we can dress him in onesies! (Kid’s been living in diapers and kimonos for the last 17 days.)

Also, my jeans fit! Well, there’s still a roll of fat that dangles above the waistline and that roll of fat is covered in stretch marks (I am hot!) but who gives a damn! I can button my pants! Six more pounds to go to reach pre-pregnancy weight. Ten more to go after that.


  1. That is one seriously beautiful little guy you’ve got there.

    And yay jeans!


  2. He’s beautiful Michele.

    I can’t believe you are already back in your jeans. I just threw mine away. I am so jealous.

    Seeing that baby makes my ovaries quiver.



  3. You earned bragging rights! You can and should tell any and every one how beautiful and smart Emory is.
    Way to go with the jeans!!!


  4. He is a dreamboat. :)


  5. I think everyone is allowed to brag about their kid, and yes… he’s a cutey.

    I love that last paragraph about your jeans. Perfect.


  6. He’s just adorable!


  7. Congrats on the jeans and some sleep! We are right there with you – Mr. C is on the couch. Unfortunately we can’t do shifts ‘cause little D is !00% boob man, so I still have to get up every 2-3 hours. I can’t believe it’s going to be like this for months. We are both sleeping better though. There’s nothing like a 2am scream fest to bring on tears or a good stretch of sleep to take the blues away. Love the pics – keep them coming.


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