39 Weeks.

Last night was rough. I peed every hour and then each time I spent five minutes wrestling with intense Braxton Hicks contractions. They were harsh enough to make my legs ache. That’s the best way I can describe it although the pain feels a bit like someone is puling on a nerve. Or a hundred nerves. I’m having a rough time. I’ve said as much. I am smiling in this shot because cats make me really happy.

My left hand is also experiencing a dull ache much like the pain in my hips and ankles. It feels bruised. I can’t stop rubbing it. The pain and constant desire to poke at it is reminiscent of having braces and dealing with that second, third, and fourth day after having them tightened.

My pica cravings are still there. But I’ve found that parsley usually quenches the bizarre thirst I have for chemicals and the like. I moved away from sharpies and have instead grown attached to a tape measure we have in the house. It smells like crayons but is a lot more intense. Man does it ever smell good! Tobyjoe finally had to put it back in the toolbox. I also can’t seem to consume enough fruit. I eat more fruit than most monkeys.

We watched 20/20 last night. They aired a special on dwarfism and gigantism (footage courtesy of National Geographic). I’m fascinated by human oddities like that. But when I finally fell asleep, I dreamed that I gave birth to a massive baby boy – a giant. It was horrifying.

I visited the doctor on Thursday. My cervix was 50% effaced and still only 1 centimeter dilated. She said that if she had to make a guess he’d probably arrive right around his due date, which is a mere 7 days from now. But if last night was an indication of things to come, the next 7 days could prove to be some of the longest days of my life.

I have had a decent pregnancy thus far. I haven’t complained too much and I’ve enjoyed 8.5 months of it. I haven’t been mean to folks (well, except for Toby and my parents and a few nasty male drivers), but I’m finally exhausted. I’d be lying if I said that my patience hasn’t worn thin. But I think I passed. I did make it 38 weeks without becoming too bitchy. I’m ready now. I’m ready to meet this little man. I’m ready to sleep on my tummy even if it is for only a couple of hours a day.


  1. Michele, there is nothing I can say that is going to make it better. I felt like a sheriff about to hand out an eviction notice when I passed my due date. I was pissed.

    You did remind me of how my belly felt once she was out. Think of a deflated basket ball. It is a weird sensation. You expect it to go away because the baby is out but it is just there like at the beginning of your 3rd trimester sized staring back at you. It is just weird and empty. I wonder if that is how kangaroos feel? Sometimes I just wanted to put grace back in so I could have both hands free.


  2. I wonder if that is how kangaroos feel

    ha! That’s funny.

    People keep telling me to enjoy this time, and I think that I have. I really do. I was pretty A-OK all 8.5 months of this pregnancy. I mean, I complained a bit with the excessive amount of saliva I had in the beginning, but holy shit! I literally had to spit into a plastic bag for a couple of months. Disgusting.

    Anyway, I am having trouble enjoying myself right now. I just took a short jaunt to the McCarren Park Farmer’s Market and that alone zapped the life out of me. I thought I was going to faint it’s so hot out there.

    Thanks, Rachel, just for being there. Although, I technically have you to blame a little bit for this! ;]


  3. 1. little thing called free will.
    2. I am blaming it on Grace for being an exceptional kid and making her parents look good.
    3. If you want to beat the heat, come over and sit in our pool deep in the back yard where no one can see you. Oooh and grilled meat. mmmm.


  4. Seriously, i would come over more often, I really would, if it weren’t for the traffic getting out of the city. I just heard there’s at least a 30-minute wait going into the Holland Tunnel and a wreck heading over the Verrazano bridge. Sometimes, I feel a little trapped living here. Sure, we have a car, but it can take hours and hours just to get 15 miles. (My mother is currently in Jersey. I’d love to head over there. But she forbade me since I could technically go into labor at any given moment.)

    I’d love to sit my fat ass into a pool right now.


  5. When my younger sister was at the same stage in her pregnancy I can remember her mindset. She said that no matter how scared she was of giving birth, she was ready to be rid of all the pain.

    Mihow, good luck with everything the next few days. I hope the pain isn’t too much and that your son arrives quickly!


  6. Erica, thank you and my doctor told me the exact same thing when I told her I was scared of giving birth (at 37-weeks). She (and your sister) are/were so right. I’m ready. I’ll go through the pain now just to feel OK again and hold the little guy. I can’t wait to hold the little guy.


  7. You might be maxxed out for discomfort… but you LOOK awesome! You wear pregnancy as well as you do your heart on your sleeve. Loves it.

    Good luck in the upcoming week or so… especially on the big day! I’ll be thinking and wondering about you guys constantly. xoxo


  8. You really DO look fabulous!

    I’m sending you all the best positive wishes and thoughts this week.. I can hardly wait to see the little guy!

    Loves and Hugs to you.. xoxox


  9. Yay! We finally get to see a full length photo of you in your beautiful preggo state! You look amazing! I can’t believe you are almost there.
    One of the things I remembered from both of my pregnancies was that I couldn’t wait for it to be over when I was at the very last part but once it was over I realized how much I missed being pregnant.
    I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait until the little guy comes out to say hello! :o)


  10. I have to chime in – you look fantastic. I pray I look that good should I become pregnant one day.


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