Try Not to Bruise It. Buy Time Dont Lose It.

I started to feel sick on Thursday. And then sometime right around 2 AM on Friday I was hit with a brutal chest cold. I slept for a total of four disjointed hours. When I finally gave up on sleep, I could barely talk and my throat hurt. The worst part wasn’t even the cold, however. The worst part was The Reflux. Every time I coughed, I ended up throwing up. Who knew that one’s own mucous could actually further irritate acid reflux? They don’t mention MUCOUS on the list of foods to avoid if prone to acid reflux but they really should. I have been shocked before by the amount of mucous my body creates when I have a cold, couple that with the pregnancy hormones, and I’ve broken a world’s record for sure.

Here’s how it worked. I would cough, mucous was enter my throat from my lungs (oh, lungs, I am so sorry I put you through at all that stupid abuse), my esophagus would succumb to a million little daggers, the reflux would bubble up, meet up with the mucous and I’d throw up. I did this a dozen times. I did this until there was nothing left in my belly to throw up. And every time I tried to lie back down to rest, empty stomach or not, the acid would rise up again. I was digesting my esophagus, neck, and face.

Sometime early Friday, Tobyjoe decided that I needed to see our primary care physician just in case I was coming down with something worse than a common cold. The doctor told me my lungs sounded fine. He suggested I drink a ton of fluids, take her easy, and avoid taking too much in the way of cold remedies. He wrote me prescription for some antibiotics but suggested I not fill it if things started to better over the next day or two. (I ended up not filling the prescription.)

I’ve been sick all weekend. And because the acid reflux was so bad last week, Tobyjoe has me on the most intense (and boring) diet. Basically, it’s a low-fat, no B.S. sort of diet. I can’t eat sweets. I can’t eat cheese. Each meal has to be small and I have to eat about 6 of them a day. Since Thursday, I have eaten nothing but raw fruits, vegetables, dry rye toast, fake hot dogs (sans the condiments), juices, a vanilla soy protein drink, scrambled eggs (without butter), grits (without butter), and some more fruit. It’s been a rough couple of days, to say the least. But I have lost 5 pounds of my pregnancy weight and the acid reflux? TOTALLY GONE.

I’m terrified of introducing new foods back into my diet because I finally am able to lie down for several hours on end without tinge of pain. But I’m not sure how much longer I can eat apple sauce and dry polenta.

But enough about me? How about that series finale, people? On second thought, keep it to yourself. So many folks ain’t seen it yet, including Tobyjoe who is in San Francisco.


  1. Note to self: Remember to thank God that men can’t birth no babies.


  2. Shoot! Now I can’t read your comments b/c we don’t have access to the final season of the Sopranos yet here in the UK (it’s not on iTunes anyway; anyone know how I can get it elsewhere? DVDs obviously aren’t out yet). Anyway, just wanted to write in and second you on the heartburn thing. Diet makes all the difference! It’s incredible. I am not very good about it, but when I am, boy, do I notice the difference. Also, I’ve taken Gaviscon Dual Action or whatever it’s called the past two nights and didn’t wake up with the usual lava in my throat in the middle of the night. Woot! Progress. Hang in there and feel better soon!


  3. KidKate, I’ll delete that. there are far too many people who haven’t seen it, including my hubby (who is in SF).


  4. I missed the finale but I read about it… >:X


  5. I’ll say this and that’s about all: I love that they ended it with that Journey song. It makes me wonder how many downloads took place last night and today over on iTunes.

    Thankfully, I already had it. heh


  6. BTW, thanks – I’ve had Duran Duran running through my head all day!


  7. Mihow, I loved the Journey song, too. And I’ve had D2’s “The Reflex” in my head all day thanks to you. ;) First concert I ever saw when they were promoting that album. I am old.

    Anyway, it’s probably best to stay on milder foods for a little while longer and reintroduce things in very gradually. I would imagine your system is even more sensitive than normal these days, and you don’t want to feel crummy again.

    That being said, we do want to have you guys over for dinner soon… but not until you are feeling 100%. :)


  8. Poor sickie. I wish I had some recommendations, but I am woefully ignorant in the areas of reflux, pregnancy, and GI diets. sorry.

    Here is what I do know: the all around Journey nostalgia must. stop. it is everywhere. they sucked back then and they still suck now. (I forgive mihow though because she spent a number of years in new jersey.)

    I heart that jenblossom wrote “D2”, however. I am old too.


  9. Without givng anything away—the question I have is why the pause between the final scene and the credits?

    feel better kitten—it’s only a few short weeks before you expel the pod : )


  10. Donald, I thought my cable went out or I reached the end of my DVR. I actually stopped the DVR and played it again. I’m a dumbass.

    Not sure why they did that. It was pretty weird.

    Nico, you crack me up. I actually do really like that song, and I think you’re right, I think it has to do with my Jersey blood. I was born there after all.

    Are they really coming back? I should know this living so close to Williamsburg. I guess it makes sense considering every hipster looks like the lead singer right now. How weird. I never would have guessed the 80s would come back in style. But they have and they won’t go away.


  11. I am terrified of being pregnant. My mom was bedridden for her whole 8 months, she was so sick. She could not keep anything down except the occasional tapioca pudding. She had to get her nutrients via IV at routine hospital visits, which were hell to get to because she was just so damn nauseous constantly.


  12. DonaldEugene, there has been a lot of discussion about that on a TV forum my friend runs. One person on the forum posted a pretty detailed explanation of the final scene of the show that he found on Ain’t it Cool News, and it made a lot of sense to me. I don’t want to spoil anything here, but you might look there if you want to read about it.

    Anyway, I think it was a pretty brilliant ending. And I also have the dirty love for that Journey song.


  13. Thanks JenB I’ll check it out.

    Mihow—I’ll buy the Jersey Blood excuse but I’m going to have to draw the line at Bon Jovi.


  14. I was OBSESSED with Bon Jovi when I was a teenager. OBSESSED. Like, I could have been arrested for the obsession.

    But I am over it now. Although, I kind of think he’s an OK actor. Does that get me kicked out of the club? :]


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