Evolution? Schmevolution!

How can a person running for president not believe in evolution? This was the biggest question I was left with after having watched the Republican debate last night. Overall, I wasn’t that angry about it. I didn’t scream at the TV. I rolled my eyes several times but nothing too, too bad. I was a little shocked about how obscenely large a role religion plays in many of the Republican candidates’ political agendas. In my not so humble opinion, nothing good can come from that. Anyway, here is a really condensed breakdown of some random thoughts I took away from the however many number of hours they spent tootin’ their own horns.

Rudy Giuliani: Stated he was against abortion personally but thought that the states shouldn’t have the right to interfere with a woman’s right to choose, that it should be left up to a woman’s doctor. Talked a lot even when asked to stop. Oh, and he seemed really uncomfortable when he had to talk about God, which made me giggle a little bit. He’s not the best actor, which probably means he doesn’t stand a chance at winning. Personally? Giuliani frightens me a little bit because he’s a no nonsense type of guy, which works if you’re nonsense and his nonsense are the same. But if you’re on the other side with some other nonsense, he’ll burn down your nonsense; he’ll run your nonsense out of town; he’ll pay to have your nonsense killed. I am a little wary of how he might conduct business with other leaders should he find himself oval office bound. But he’s certainly not the scariest Republican candidate. And I do appreciate his sense of humor.

John McCain: Was attacked for not believing that immigration was the absolute worst thing in the whole wide United States of America. It was brutal and entirely absurd. Personally? Not sure why, but McCain will always bug me. I think it’s his cheeks.

Mitt Romney: Will NOT back down away from his faith in order to appeal to the masses. Is very much against abortion. Has the answer to health care reform. Ran some of his campaigns in Spanish because he wants all the votes he can get. Personally? He flip-flops endlessly for votes. He’s pretty and that’s about it. His Mormon faith is at the forefront of his campaign. Like the fundamentalists, I think he’d bring too much of his religion into my government.

Mike Huckabee: Believes God created the world and us in whatever amount of time (an amount he’s unsure of because he wasn’t there). Does NOT believe in evolution. Is very much against abortion. Surprised me when he stated something I have argued in the past. He stated that being pro-life should mean more than just caring for a fetus. That Americans should care for all human life. Personally? Had he not been so über religious and had said what he said above, I might not be totally terrified of the guy. But as it were, this dude will haunt me for days to come. I think preachers should stick to being preachers and avoid politics all together. Please, America, do not vote for this guy. He’s too Christian to separate church from state.

Sam Brownback: Doesn’t believe in evolution. Thinks God is the creator of all and everything and all of everything. He also stood up and stated that the Republican Party BEST NOT nominate someone who is anything but pro-life. Which pretty much means Giuliani. If I were the GOP, I’d be all like, “Hey, Brownback Mountain, you threatening me?” And then I’d have him aborted. Personally? Plain and simple: homeboy scares the shit out of me.

Ron Paul: Barely spoke and when he did speak, I found him well informed, the most impressive of the bunch. He seemed intelligent and actually appeared to answer each question. Personally? Knew nothing about him before last night. I am interested in finding out more.

The other four guys (Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Jim Gilmore, and Tommy Thompson) I paid little attention to and quite honesty, I think that’s what the media would have preferred. It seems to me (just like we saw during the Democratic debate) CNN gave more airtime to those they feel have a chance. Everyone else gets put to the side, literally. All of the candidates spoke, but there was a reason Romney, Giuliani, and McCain were front center. In the end, the candidates either stood out because of how scary they were, how awesome they were at NOT answering the questions, or how much their answers pleasantly surprised me.

Seriously, though, how can a potential president NOT believe in evolution? Doesn’t this haunt you? Even the religious you?


  1. Two words for ya: Vote Democrat.


  2. totally. You know… I shamefully watched a little bit of the view today (stupid, I know) and the chick standing in for Rosie (I forget her name) stated that she loved Brownback Mountain because of his stance of evolution. She said, “I don’t believe we came from primates. We were created by God.”

    Mrs. Walters said, “But haven’t you read Darwin or anything for that matter?”

    She answered, “I read my bible. That’s all I need to read.”

    Mrs. Walters continued, “You should really educate yourself.”

    I had no idea so many people were so willing to throw out science.


  3. I’m not what most people would call religious but I do think there is room for evolution and creationism to coexist (if you don’t take the bible literally).


  4. I’m annoyed that it keeps coming up. Huckabee and Brownback have both made public statements (Brownback even wrote an op-ed piece in the Times) clarifying their stances. That should have been the end of this, but it won’t be because evolution gives good sound bite.

    Wonder whether Babs’ guest host prayed with Hasselbeck this morning for god to rain fire down on lesbians and war skeptics.


  5. Hey now… I like ‘lizabeth, as long as she doesn’t speak. :)


  6. I worry about writing posts like this one because I always end up with email and/or comments that are presumptuous and or accusatory. This time, I figured, what the hell?

    If anything I wrote above offends you in any way, I do apologize. That was not my intention.

    I worry that our government is becoming entirely too religious. That’s my opinion on the whole situation. Others think it needs to become more religious in nature, that’s their opinion.

    Please do not assume that what you read here was written because I am filled with hatred toward any one group of people.


  7. Never be afraid to ruthlessly critique all things, love.


  8. My goal isn’t to offend people. Perhaps I’ll keep the critique to myself? Keep it off the blog? Religion, politics, and male circumcision are three things that are best kept off the blog.

    Hopefully, my mother – Catholic lady that she is, pro-lifer that she is, Republican that she is – doesn’t get upset with me as well. :]


  9. If a conversation can’t be had, and if you can’t voice your opinions, real or imagined, misinterpreted or not, the trrsts have won.

    Tell people to go watch P.C.U. and come back when they’re ready to respect your writing.


  10. Nah, no big deal. I was misunderstood. I hope to have fixed it. Hopefully all is well.

    Is the dude from Law and Order joining the race for pres or what? And if so, when? Does he stand a chance? I wonder.


  11. Ice T?

    He already won.


  12. I saw Sherri Sheppard (sp?) on The View today saying those things. I was appalled and shocked! Ack! If they are considering adding her as the new cohost, I might just throw up. Then again, seems like she represents a viewpoint that many Americans have.

    Do you watch The View regularly?
    The show is not nearly as interesting (again) since Rosie’s departure. Barbara Wawa is trying to keep it so tame. Her opening today, “Everyday we say we’re not going to talk about Paris Hilton, and everyday we do.” When Rosie was on they had heated debates about why NOT to talk about Paris Hilton… now Barbara seems happy to dismiss the progress they made when Rosie was there.


  13. P.S. Did you see Ron Paul on The Daily Show? Definitely an interesting character without a hope in hell. Kind of like the Republican Kucinich I guess.


  14. Ciaochow: NO! I missed Ron Paul. That blows. When was he on, do you recall?

    Regarding the view: I used to watch it when I was at the gym. It did amuse me quite a bit at times when Rosie was on to be honest. And I like the other lady as well, the woman from Long Island (I think?) Jewish? (I think?) She cracks me up.

    I was blown away today by Sherri’s comments. I actually turned it off and decided to tape it because I wanted to watch it with Tobyjoe. Shocking? Indeed. But you’re right, more and more I am realizing just how religious our nation really is. And how off-limits it is if one criticizes any given religious belief. Probably best to just keep attacking the Atheists. ;]


  15. I’m cool with everything you’ve said. I do wonder, though, whether the candidates would be talking about evolution at all if they weren’t asked about it at every freakin’ debate!

    I blame Brownback, Tancredi, and Fuckabee-Huckabee– for being clueless dolts. But I also blame the interviewers for continuing to press the issue. And I do think the main reason they’re doing it is because they know it’ll get to the front of the news.

    But, seriously, why is this even a campaign issue? Even the creationists care about more than this, and among the evangelicals and fundamentalists I’ve known (and I’ve known a lot of ‘em), ain’t none of ‘em gonna vote for freakin’ Tom Tancredo just because he thinks Adam and Eve were real people. It smacks of pandering, and it will seem so to a lot of evangelicals, too.


  16. I’m a democrat but I’ve been know to vote for a republician or two. Actually, I tend to be more moderate and tend to disagree with most that are extreme liberals OR conservatives.

    It’s your blog, don’t let anybody keep you from writing exactly what’s on your mind. Anyway, debate is a good thing – between reasonable people.

    About the dude from Law and Order – Fred Thompson. He’ll run and he’ll be the most traditional republican in the field.


  17. dietsch: I do wonder, though, whether the candidates would be talking about evolution at all if they weren’t asked about it at every freakin’

    My guess is no. I can’t remember if it was Huckabee Crazy or Brownback Mountain, but one of them was really annoyed with the question. But I was told that most all of those questions are pre approved by each candidate beforehand. So, I dunno. Maybe they like it because it brings them more attention? It worked! Here I am talking about each of them and, hell, even The View spoke most about those two weirdos.

    StFarmer, I too lie somewhere in the middle. I think. I would guess most Americans do. I am fiscally conservative, although, if raising taxes would solve some of our problems with education, then I would do my part to pay more. (Although, NYC has the highest taxes in the country, so I recently learned, so I’m not sure how much more we could give the government without ending up on foodstamps. heh.)

    I learned that I’m a lot less socially liberal than I would have imagined while living in San Francisco. It’s true. I know that sounds strange but that’s how I figured it out.

    I’m babbling at this point.


  18. Sorry I’m off topic, but here’s some ENGLISH FUTBOL mihow…..

    Beckham seems to be re-evolving nicely:




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