1. Wow, Michele! You look great! It doesn’t look like anything but baby weight. I’m very jealous. I am curious to hear how the tattoo recovers after baby arrives. My belly button is still a weird shape. Of course, I put on 75 lbs with Simone so everything was a weird shape.


  2. Well, I’m not out of the weeds yet. Didn’t you get put on bed rest right around now? Spending two months in bed would be the death of my body, that’s for sure. I am not sure how you did it, woman. You’re a stronger and more patient person than I could ever be.


  3. Oh, and the tattoo is probably going to have be removed. It looks awful and I have at least 8 more weeks of stretching to go! Most likely, 10.


  4. I did end up on bed rest at about that time. I blame a lot of it on being sent on a very stressful business trip though. Lots of hours, high altitude, no sleep. My doctor was reluctant to let me go in the first place so he made me come in as soon as I got back and then put me to bed.

    As for the stretch marks, some people don’t get them. My sister didn’t. Grrr. I hear that it helps if you moisturize your belly daily. I think it is cocoa butter oil is great for that. It might just be an old wives’ tale though. Couldn’t hurt. Wish I had try it:)


  5. Mihow: You look great! How is it that you have no back fat? I have back fat. I feel very lumpen.


  6. Looking good! It’s the only time in life we can grow huge bellies and people just love them! You’re so brave! I haven’t taken any bare belly pics. As a matter of fact, just 2 belly pics so far!


  7. Woo! I just spent the day walking around the great big city! First time in forever. Everything was going really well until I was about 6 blocks from home. That’s when I got the sharpest pain in my side and hobbled the rest of the way. Seriously considered calling a car service!

    Oh, btw, melhow, I have been putting on Palmer’s cocoa butter for about a month now. Every day. :] I hope it helps me!


  8. Oh, KidKate? Back fat? You should see me from straight on. I have some awesomely huge love handles. And my ass has grown. See, I just know how to crop so I don’t show ALL the bad stuff. :]


  9. I can’t believe I haven’t gotten a chance to see my little sis pregnant in person. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to make up for it by warping the little guy as bad as I’ve warped my two.

    The daughter is convinced that a vacuum is the anti-christ in machine form and the one year old boy is a boob-watching pervert.

    How much sympathy baby weight has Toby put on?


  10. Toby has LOST WEIGHT! Because he rides into work every day and lifts a bit here and there. Although, his hair has gotten out of control, so I think that’s added a few pounds. Otherwise, TJ looks really good! I’m proud of him. I can’t wait to run again. Obviously that has been out of the question since this took place. I never thought I’d miss it but I do!

    The cats are not too keen on the vacuum. I imagine our boy won’t be either. And I haven’t seen your little guys in so long. This distance thing isn’t great.


  11. Woo mama! Gorgeous.

    Don’t tell anybody, but I gave little scritches to the little boy in your tummy with my cursor! Tee hee!


  12. You look beautiful!


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