Pictures of Schmitty at the Hospital

This is Schmitty. He’s currently in the hospital with colon cancer. So we packed up his favorite bath mat and drove into the city to visit him. I took pictures.

I got Schmitty when I was 19-years-young. I am now 33. You do the math.

He’s probably the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet. For those of you who haven’t met him, you’ll simply have to take my word for it. For those of you who have, can I get an amen?

I met Tobyjoe when I was 27. I knew pretty much the moment I met him that I would end up marrying him. Sure, this had to do with how amazing he was, but it also had to do with how kind he was to my cat.

They’ve been the best of buddies ever since.

Schmitty has surgery tomorrow. The doctors are going to try and remove a mass that has collected in his colon. It is cancerous but they’re pretty sure it hasn’t metastasized. We’re crossing our fingers that he’ll be OK. I can’t imagine not having him around.

(Here’s to The Big Guy. We need you here. Be strong.)


  1. I bet he loved having that bath mat… what great parents you guys are. Sending strong and healthy vibes to Schmitty.


  2. Oh, Michele, I am so sorry to hear about Schmitty. I know how much your furry children mean to you. The one time I watched your furry children when you and Toby went back East for a visit I kinda bonded with the big furry guy. He is the sweetest cat…. We will send get-well vibes to him and hope for the best.


  3. I am so sorry to hear that your family is having a bad time. I will send healingvibes and positive thoughts across the oceans.



  4. I’m sending good vibes.


  5. Good luck, Schmitty! My thoughts are with all three of you.


  6. aww. you just made me weepy.

    thinking good thoughts for schmitty (and you).


  7. Aw. Reading your words about Schmitty makes me love him too. Sending good Schmitty thoughts your way…


  8. oh, michele. i’m so sorry to hear about schmitty – i’m sending all sorts of positive vibes his way for a successful surgery. your photos are the sweetest ever.


  9. Poor little guy. Your photos are really touching… I was crying as I went from one to the next. I’m glad he is a such a loved cat and I wish him a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

    As per a previous post, the loss of a pet is devastating and anyone who has lost a pet knows how hard it is. There is sometimes a tendency to feel guilty for emotions placed on animals… but there are a lot of us out here who know how you must feel right now. Despite everything else going on in the world, I’m thinking of the Schmitty kitty and crying for you… and I’ve never even met any of you.


  10. Thank you, friends. The doctor called us early this morning to tell us a little more about the surgery. They are going to remove the part of his colon that holds the mass as well as any other areas that might be infected. Apparently this is pretty common in cats even though I hadn’t ever heard of it and our vet said it was rare. I hope it’s common enough to make the surgery less daunting.

    If we can squeeze another couple of years out of him that’d be wonderful. If we only get him for another six months, that’ll make me happy as well. I just want him to feel ok and not suffer. Like I said, the moment he’s in pain, I’ll stop going into debt in order to keep in alive.

    Who needs to buy a house anyway?


  11. He’s a part of your family; you do what you have to do. Even if you have to beg, borrow and steal, you just do what you have to do until you look into those big sweet eyes of his and he tells you “no more.”

    My heart is breaking for you guys. I know how hard this all is, and I know how you’re feeling right now. I wish I could reach through the computer and hug you guys, and give Schmitty some snuggles and tell him to be strong, because his family loves him and wants him back home healthy and happy and well.

    Dub’s in my lap right now and he just reached out for the screen. I think he’s trying to pass along some good thoughts for your boy, too, just like you guys did for him.

    We’re all hoping for the best for you guys.


  12. My heart goes out to all three of you. I wish Schmitty the best ♥


  13. Bless you all! I know how hard this is – I hope he’ll be home with you soon!


  14. Scritches, love and sweet thoughts to Schmitty. Getter better, you big old handsome guy.

    Very thoughtful of you guys to bring in his bath mat. Not that I’d expect anything less from you two.


  15. Sending all my good thoughts and vibes to sweet Schmitty – I hope everything goes well with the surgery, he deserves to live a long kitty life with you. I’m going to go squeeze my cat now.


  16. hang in there schmitty! get well soon!!!!!!!


  17. Lots of love and prayers from me, Jay and Travis.


  18. sending well wishes to Schmitty and his loving family!!!


  19. I just teared up a little bit. Maybe I’m just a tad overly sensitive, esp. since I’ve never even met the little guy. Thinkin’ good thoughts.


  20. Good luck to Schmitty. My kitties and I wish him the best. Hope you’ll keep updating on his condition.


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