Schmitty Goes into Emergency Care.

Tobyjoe and I cut our romantic getaway short because Schmitty took a turn for the worse. We left DC on Monday night at about 10 PM. We arrived back to New York City just after 2 AM. We dropped him off at the vet on Tuesday morning. He’s going to be hospitalized for a while to find out why he won’t eat. It’s depressing. And I’m really, really tired. I finally need a decent night’s rest. (More about not sleeping later.)

There is a lot to report, including the bit about how I fell getting out of bed, landed on my knees, and smashed my cheek against the wall. When I don’t feel so horrible, I’ll write more. There is a much-needed shower and nap in my immediate future.

UPDATE: I don’t even know where to begin. For starters, the vet we were going to missed some pretty huge signs back in February and I am so super upset about this I can’t even begin to explain. After spending another 600 dollars at that same vet today, she called to say that we had to come back into the city and take him to emergency care. At that time she said she thought he had a bladder infection. We drove back into the city and took him to the specialist. After doing a few quick tests and a quick ultrasound, the specialist told us there is an abscess and that she thinks he has cancer. We will know more when they do a more thorough ultrasound. If he has cancer we’re looking at either chemotherapy or an operation. I’m not even sure what to say. I’m so exhausted I’m numb.

I’m also very frustrated with our vet and we have vowed not to return. We spent 1500 dollars on dental work in February, another 600 today and we’re looking at thousands more at the specialist. I’ll pay whatever I need to in order to make Schmitty comfortable. And until he’s in pain and I am told there is no more hope, I can’t very well put him down. I know that might seem absurd to some people, spending so much money on an animal, but he’s a part of our family. I’ve known him longer than I have most people.

I’m going to turn off comments for this post because I can’t sit around and manage the site right now. When I feel better emotionally, I’ll return and write more and coherently. Until then, please keep good thoughts for our most beloved cat.

UPDATE 2: We got a call from the ER doctor this morning stating that Schmitty’s blood work came back A-OK. He does, however, have some type of mass in his colon, which probably means cancer but they can’t be certain until they do a biopsy. They are going to attempt to do that this afternoon. If it works we should see results by Friday.

The doctor said he’s in good spirits, his vitals are totally normal, and he can probably go home today if he eats and it stays down. We’re crossing our fingers.

I feel that I was a little hard on our vet yesterday. I was very upset for obvious reasons and unfortunately I took it out on her. That was entirely unfair and I am regretful for my words today. There may have been no way of seeing the mass in the past. The only remaining frustration I do have, however, is that we brought him in for his bowel problems and lack of appetite in February and his teeth were all that they addressed, which were indeed a problem just not the problem that could become life-threatening. Next time we’ll be more persistent.

I’m sorry I keep droning on and on about this especially since our nation is in mourning right now after what took place in Virginia. I don’t quite know sorrow like that. I feel a little shameful; I can’t even handle the possibility of having to say goodbye to my pet.

Finally, I thank you all for your email. Again, the Internet has proven itself kind beyond words.

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