A Million and One Thank Yous.

The UPS man came to our house yesterday. I did a double take to make sure he wasn’t wearing a Santa suit. I am still a little speechless about the whole ordeal, muted by generosity.

My sister-in-law, Melissa, sent us a huge box filled to the brim with baby clothing. I waited until Tobyjoe got home to finally sift through it all because I wanted to share the initial excitement with him. It’s a good thing that I did. We were both giggling like idiots by the time we were finished.

“I can’t believe we’re going to have something living here soon that will fit into this!”

“He’s going to look so handsome!”

“You’re going to have to buy another Vespa.”

She sent us something like 50 different pieces of baby clothing and we spazzed out for fifteen minutes straight. When we finally reached the bottom of the box Tobyjoe looked at me and with more seriousness than I’ve ever heard before he said, “I can’t wait.”

(I can’t wait to meet our preppy, yummy, Gap-wearing baby either.)

Missy got us these little shirts that made me laugh out loud.

And Michele sent us the DVD on the left; Missy gave us the one on the right.

Last, but not least: we opened the other big box. And I’m still not even sure whom to thank for this one. Some silent, generous person sent us this from our registry:

The cat did not come with it. He lives here. And we have since removed the car seat from the kitchen table so Tucker doesn’t assume it’s his (like he does with every other item we own). We’re going to have quite a situation on our hands once the baby is born and Tucker is no longer the brat of the household.

I don’t really know what to say about the generosity I have seen lately. I’m speechless. (And to the kind, modest friend who sent us the car seat: please send me an email so I can properly thank you. We were given your snail mail address and plan on using it, but I want to know you are on here as well.)

What can we do to make it up to you fine people? Framed photos? Mixed CDs? Cookies and cupcakes? Our first-born dressed extraordinarily well? An orange cat?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


  1. Hah – Why am I not surprised that Tucker has taken over the car seat?


  2. I also feel like the “I HEART My Moms” requires some explanation. The explanation is NOT that I believed Michele & Toby to be a lesbian couple.


  3. Well, he is really, really good at certain things. That’s all I’m sayin’


  4. Those little clothes are so cute it hurts!

    And Tucker in the car seat – hilarious.


  5. Sorry, Missy. Totally uncalled for. I’m a disgusting person.

    Tucker in the car seat makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it. I think it’s the look on his face. What’s he saying to me?


  6. He’s saying, “Thank you for my chair.” Then again, Tucker doesn’t seem like the gracious type.


  7. sweet barf t-shirt!


  8. That look sort of says “if you don’t like this, we can take it outside but be warned, I will totally cut you.”

    Followed immediately by “meow, I’m cute, feed me.”


  9. He’s not thanking us. No way. He is so not the gracious type. I think Krissa is more on the mark. We don’t call him the Orangemani Terrorist for nothing. He’s planning something. Perhaps this is what he’ll use to plan his next bomb.

    Yum, sweet barf.


  10. Yea! So glad you liked it all! Can you tell I dress Rob and Shep alike? Well, except for the zutano stuff (Rob would look silly in space pants) but most of his sweaters or tops I picked out because they reminded me of Rob.

    Daisy was a big fan of the car seat. Ours was the removable one so I was constantly cleaning cat hair out before we put Shep in it.


  11. How sweet of your sister! I love the itsy bitsy clothes. We have the scooter onesie with the little socks too. So cute! Just think it’s only 3.5 more months till the little guy comes out. We visited our friends’ 2 week old and sure the baby is tiny to everyone else, but it’s huge if you think of where it’s gonna come out of.


  12. Tucker is going to try and suck the breath outta that kid. watch out.


  13. What a haul!

    email sent to mihow@mihow.com

    Hopefully your spam detector didn’t redirect it.


  14. Now all you need are some Pancake Mountain DVDs.


  15. Ha!

    I wanna “I might barf” t-shirt!!!!


  16. stfarmer, I had my suspicions! I have not received your email yet, however. I’ll bug Tobyjoe about it when he lands in SF in a few hours. :]

    nervous and small: how small are you? Once he outgrows this one, I could send it along. ;]


  17. Michele,

    I’ll resend the email. The spam filter probably doesn’t like my statefarm.com addy.


  18. The Happiest Baby video is so amazing! Make sure you watch it before that kid is born.


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