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About God and Parking.

When you’re pregnant and upset because your body won’t allow you to do the things you were once able to do, other seemingly ordinary events and situations arise that prove to be the most spectacular events ever. For example, today I found out that because of the Jews and the Christians and the fact that the car is parked on the Tuesday/Friday side of our street, I don’t have to move it again until Friday, April 12th. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Angel of Death.

About Books and Movies.

In other news, last night was rough. I stupidly talked Tobyjoe into watching The Descent and it gave me nightmares. The British and the Australians have a way of creating movies that haunt me for weeks and, in some cases, years. I still haven’t been able to shake 28 Days Later. And the one called Wolf Creek will haunt me until the day that I die. (Seriously, I watched Wolf Creek holding paper towels in the palms of my hands all the while covering my face with my knees. I finally just gave up and told Tobyjoe to tell me what was happening as I paced in the other room.)

I am easily spooked these days. I just finished a book called The Alienist by Caleb Carr and it haunted me as well. I need to stop with all the blood, guts, and murder.

About Food.

After reading Jen’s comment left on a recent post about nutrition, pregnancy and Omega-3s, I tried sardines for the very first time yesterday evening. They weren’t bad! They reminded me of really fresh (and potent) tuna, which was kinda nice because before getting pregnant I ate tuna at least twice a week. The only trouble I had with the little fishes was they stuck with me throughout the night, which is probably because the fact that my digestive system has slowed down immensely over the last several months. Every time I burped (which happens constantly these days) I was reminded of fish. I kept thinking that they would go superbly with a nice glass of white or a crisp champagne. The can did not come with a key, much to my disappointment. And when I accidentally dropped one on the floor the cats tried to bury it.

About the Registry.

We started a registry. I added a link to the right side of the page. Obviously, there are a few items on the list that are meant only for the two of us and possibly some insanely rich family members, but we added them anyway because we want to keep track of what we need/want. For example, there is a pricey, designer bouncy chair on the list that Tobyjoe really likes and it certainly is very pretty and it goes with our furniture. (Ha!) But I am partial to this one because it seems lighter and therefore easier to carry. Unfortunately, it’s not available through Amazon (and it’s kind of pricey anyway).

I really don’t like to do this sort of thing online. It makes me feel dirty. But some folks have emailed me about it and this seems like the most passive way to get the word out there.

Edited to add: Thank you so much for all the emailed suggestions! I am making changes as they come in (if the items are sold through Amazon. Y’all are the best.)


  1. In my experience the kid will only use these chairs for a very short period, maybe 4-5 months. My son sits upright in his now, which could make it fall over and he just turned 5 months. We rather enjoyed the chairs that vibrated. Great for a fussy baby.


  2. Vibrating chairs! Are they sturdy enough for mama? Just kidding. I’ll check that out. Thank you, Julie!


  3. Oh, gawd, I’m sorry about the burping… I can imagine that would be a little unpleasant! But, you know, yay brain food!


  4. Julie’s right on the bouncy seat. You use them for such a short time that you might not want to buy a really expensive one. Same goes with swings. Both of ours were done with them within 4-5 months. Invest in cute bed linens instead:)


  5. Ah, ok. I wish they had an option of choosing “Don’t buy this unless it’s the last thing on the registry and you want to spoil us rotten.”

    Maybe I’ll get rid of it all together. I was just looking for ideas/ways to put the baby someplace when I want to watch the game and guzzle my six pack.


  6. Oh, I’d totally get one. You just might want to look at one that is a little less aesthetically pleasing for you and a little more entertaining for baby. We had one like this: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2265002&cp=2255975.2256080.2256084&parentPage=family. It plays music, vibrates, and the fish move.


  7. Moving fish are so much better than no fish at all and dead ones.


  8. I read the Historian in the early months of my pregnancy. I had Dracula dreams for WEEKS. After that, I just stuck to People magazine.


  9. When I watched Wolf Creek I had nightmares too. It is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.


  10. We bought a much cheaper version of this made by Fisher Price. It is a rocking chair/bouncy chair with the toys that hang overhead. Supposedly it turns into a rocking chair for toddlers later, although Jonah is at the age now where he’s not much interested in reclining when he can sit bolt upright. (9 months) But I’m keeping it around just in case. Even if we only used it for six months, it was a life saver for the times when I wanted to eat dinner and NOT hold him, or fold laundry, read emails etc. This is the one we got:

    Sorry, that link is huge!


  11. Oh! I just took a look at your registry, we have the food mill you put on there. It was great for the first 2-3 weeks when we were feeding the munchkin pureed food, but after that? It’s mouldering away in the cupboard. Now he just gets diced food to eat. If you have a food processor or blender, you could use that for the same purpose, without taking up more cupboard space.


  12. haha. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.

    you have likely laughed at that for many moons, but i still had to post about it!


  13. I’m glad you decided to set up the registry.

    So much cool stuff for babies… it almost makes me want to be a baby again. I think I would have really liked those warmed baby wipes.


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