We Know (Some) Stuff About Things.

I promise, I won’t make a habit out of doing this because I know it’s annoying, but it’s actually valuable information. For those of you who have wondered, “How on earth do people get a Web site up and running? Like, how do you buy it and make it so people can see it?” Tobyjoe began a series recently about starting a Web site. The first one is up. It’s called, How to Start a Web site, Part 1. It covers the basics and he’s currently working on part two.

While I’m on the subject of tutorials/informative posts, are there any suggestions that you may have for either of us? Gina suggested Tobyjoe write the one above. We both really enjoy this type of writing. It makes us feel useful. Plus, the teacher in me gets to come out. (I taught at American University when I lived in D.C.) Some of you may remember the tutorial I wrote for Macromedia. I had a blast writing that. More recently, I wrote about genetic testing because I wanted to cover the basics for those who might be in the dark about such things (as I was). To be honest, sometimes it’s a refreshing, writing about something factual and informative rather than it always being about my personal life. That said, I’m open to suggestions. Want to know more about how to design a logo in Illustrator? Font management? Curious as to how I did this in Photoshop back in November? Want to know how to develop film in your bathroom? Record cell phone conversations? What good is knowledge if you can’t pass it on to your friends?

Interested? Just send me an email at mihow @ mihow dot com.

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