1. Okay – that’s hysterical! That news blurb came across the TV in my office elevator yesterday, and I seriously thought of you. Fuzzy Boudreaux has kind of a nice ring to it as well.


  2. So, both you AND Jen thought of me when they read this. There’s something about the Jens and my hairy, unborn fetus.


  3. That’ll make naming your baby easy.

    Cornelius if he’s a boy and Zira if she’s a girl!


  4. i’ve been thinking about this lately because of your posts and i really think you have quite a task ahead of you (and that’s an “understood” yinz guyz)! Boudreaux is such a kickass name that i find it really difficult to match a first to that last name! it’s like your options are so open that it makes things even harder to pick. you could go with Fuzzy or go traditional with Joe and either one works great! clever or traditional, you’re screwed, but in a good way. the most clever anyone ever got with my name was “Traffic” and i don’t find it very clever at all! there really isn’t much one can do with a bastardised hunky name like mine. so good luck and once again, happy picking! : )


  5. It is an awesome name, isn’t it? The funny thing is, both of our last names are derogatory terms for dumb white people. Might as well name him or her Honkey.

    Either way, the union between Tobyjoe and myself was meant to be. It doesn’t take just any Howley to find their Boudreaux.


  6. I hope you don’t mind, but after all the Ndugu, Gus/Gustine, Boutros Boutros, and Alistair options were laid out on the table, I’ve decided that I’m calling your kid Shorty.


  7. That might upset his or her father.


  8. I’ve been re-watching too many episodes of The Wire. I’ve also been saying, “Buu-lll-shit” a lot.


  9. There’s nothing like a lush head of hair on a baby. I bet Katie Holmes had tons of heartburn given that hirsute Suri Cruise.


  10. I thought about them yesterday, Jen. That baby is so super cute, I must admit. All that hair! The weird thing is about all of this, however, is that the Howley family is infamous for having bald babies. And Tobyjoe and I are are fairly hairless people. If our baby has a bunch of hair, Tobyjoe is going to wonder if he’s really the father.


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