The Great Flickr Switch: A Topic More Important Than the Iraq War but Not Anna Nicole Smith.

I have added a new section to this site. It’s called “Photos”. And guess what? It features photos. As many of you already know, Flickr did the whole switcheroo recently, forcing Old Skool members to merge their accounts with a Yahoo ID. Both Tobyjoe and I were a little perturbed by this, admittedly. And apparently it made a lot of the Internet foam at the mouth. We did not foam at the mouth, but we did whine about it to one another for a few minutes.

And before anyone gets all, “You’re just mad because you’re no longer considered ‘Old Skool’ like I’m wrapped up in the whole ‘I listened to Nirvana before they became popular, back in their Bleach days’”, I couldn’t care less about being considered Old Skool.

I’m going to talk about why the switch bothered me and then I’m never going to write about again. OK? Ready?

I have (and use) an existing Yahoo email. So I have nothing against Yahoo contrary to what a lot of folks are accusing us naysayers of. (Although, I did receive some comment spam recently on Flickr on several of my New York Post pictures, which is just completely lame to say the least.) I have had a Yahoo email address since 1998, maybe sooner. I use it when I’m buying something and I don’t want to receive spam every day from the merchant. I use it when our email goes down, which is like, never. I use it sometimes when dealing with clients, sending resumes, especially if they are behind some wicked firewall and have issues getting messages from my regular email. I never receive any personal email there. Basically, I have one email address I use for clients (on top of the Yahoo account), one for friends and family, one for blog stuff (a catch-all for anyone to use), and one for pretty much every other Web site we manage and run (Self-Portrait Day, I Hate Design, etc.) Between Tobyjoe and myself, we have a LOT of Web sites. We also host several Web sites, all, of which, require a unique username and password.

When you couple all those Web sites and email accounts with WordPress, Akismet, TypePad (for leaving comments on other blogs), online banking, financial stuff, client FTPs, Blog admin, etc. and you have yourself a whole bunch of passwords and a whole mess of usernames. With the whole Flickr thing, I would have liked to have merged my previous Yahoo account with my existing Flickr account, but that Yahoo account is already tied to another Flickr account that I signed up for about 2 months ago (before they made the announcement) in order to upload some photographs for a client. (As mentioned before, I like to keep work away from the personal as much as humanly possible.) In the end, I was forced to sign up again with Yahoo in order to merge the accounts together, and since mihow was already taken by some impostor I had to get creative, using numbers and underscores. This added yet another username/password combination to the already lengthy list. And I’m getting a little tired of it. I’m getting tired of having to sign up everywhere all the time.

But the whole two accounts thing with Yahoo doesn’t bother me the most. What bothers me the most is that when I am signed in at Flickr using my mihow account and I log into Yahoo using my previous email (the one I signed up with in the late 90s), Flickr kicks me out and I have to sign in again. Basically, I can’t be signed into both accounts at the same time, which is slightly frustrating for a gal who’s already grumpy and pregnant.

I know I don’t have to be online all the time, that no one was forcing me to sign up all over the place, use Flickr, etc. I know that. I realize I spend entirely too much time on the Internet and I’m hoping that once the baby arrives I will find other ways to amuse myself, like, by becoming its mother. But right now it’s cold and I’m not feeling 100% and when I’m not working, watching TV, or reading, I enjoy being online.

I’m not leaving Flickr. I like Flickr. I like seeing what my friends are up to, strangers, too. But the jury is still out on whether or not I’ll give them another 24 dollars in order to become “pro” again. If I had to decide right now, I probably wouldn’t. Now that I’m using Mephisto, and can easily upload photographs to my blog without even opening an FTP program, I am more inclined to move pictures back over to in lieu of using Flickr to host them.

And that brings me back to square one, which is the reason I am writing today. I have created a new section called “Photos” where I hope to upload images as frequently as I once had on Flickr. We’ll see how it goes.

Oh, and one more thing, I reserve the right to hypocrisy when it comes to this topic in the future. :]


  1. 2 suggestions:

    1_ A flickr-only browser. like use safari for flickr only, use mozilla for everything else.

    2_ Switch to fotolog


  2. I thought about number one and that’s just a pain in my ass. You know? When using something becomes complicated, one must ask themselves if it’s worth its cost, time, etc.

    I haven’t decided yet.

    Not sure what fotolog is. If or when I need something similar and decided that Flickr isn’t that something I will look into it for sure.


  3. fotolog was before flickr. but fotolog made some bad business decisions, and flickr made some good ones. then flickr got yahoo’s money and bloggers left fotolog for it which started a bit of a cascade.

    fotolog is actually bigger than flickr, in terms of people and traffic. flickr has a bigger chunk of the us market, but fotolog is bigger internationally—so in the US you hear more about flickr.


  4. If it wouldn’t be a pain to set up, a feed for the Photos page would be nice.


  5. I will get my “tech guy” (aka husband) on it. Thanks, Katie.


  6. I want one password and one username for everything and I want it to be hack-proof.

    Thank you… that is all.


  7. StFarmer, I totally agree.

    We use Pastor now to manage them all. It’s kind of funny we have a program that uses a username and password to manage all of our usernames and passwords. It’s like scheduling a meeting to discuss and upcoming meeting. (I used to love that when I worked in corporate America).


  8. I recommend Roboform for all your logging-in needs. Click one button and your ID/PW for that site are all filled in!

    Pro: You don’t have to remember any passwords and you don’t have to type and retype logins.

    Con: You don’t have to remember passwords. So when you’re not at your own computer and if you have a bad memory like me, you’ll likely forget all your passwords.

    But it should please the grumpy-pants, pregnant you.


  9. A new photos feed?

    There’s only one word to express my feelings:



  10. ok, that didn’t work well

    Try #2:

    A new photos feed?

    There’s only one word to express my feelings :


  11. i kind of poo-pooed the uproar since i had no issue with it. i had a yahoo account with my leahpeah name from whenever ago and it took me 5 seconds to merge. but i keep hearing the pains from other people. i’m sorry it was a pain for you.
    happy for your photo page, though!


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