Leonardo, You Foxy Bitch.

Last night we watched Hot Man Movie, aka The Departed. I have wanted to see this film since the day we tried to have dinner at Park Luncheonette (an eatery in our neighborhood) and they said, “Sorry, you can’t eat here, we’re closed for a movie shoot.” And I said, “Well, what movie are you shooting and are they going to open soon?” And the man wearing the important badges and headgear said, “We’re shooting The Departed and I doubt it.” And I said, “Well, that sucks.”

Later, I found out that The Departed was a new Scorsese film and that Leonardo had been in there at the time. And I came this close to inviting him to my party or climbing the Brooklyn water tower with him.

So, Tobyjoe stopped at Whole Foods for Valentine’s Day dinner fixings, Dean and Deluca for some chocolate and flowers, and Virgin to buy us The Departed, which was released on DVD on Tuesday. It was a superb evening. The film was great. Of course it was great. The acting was superb. The cast was phenomenal. The movie was great, great enough to keep me up well past midnight o’clock.

I do have a few complaints, however. And I know this is because I had it under careful scrutiny based on the fact that I know Scorsese went to the far ends of the earth to see to it that this film was damn near perfect. He’s known for shooting scenes hundreds of times over just to get them right, so I went in holding a fine toothed comb and a magnifying glass. Plus, homeboy shut down Park Luncheonette for what seemed like forever in order to re-shoot scenes. No one gets in the way of me and food, not even Scorsese. (Although, Leonardo might be pardoned if such an atrocity were to occur.) My complaint was with some of the edits, the cuts. There were some uncomfortable cuts made during some of the dialog sequences, edits that reminded me of the fact that I was indeed watching a movie. And a few times there were weird cuts made when someone was smoking and it’s hard to get that right if you’re moving the shot from front to back all the while trying to keep the viewer in the same moment. (If this doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t have to, the movie was great and I’m being picky.)

I especially loved Leonardo. The man has become such an outstanding actor and he’s SO unbelievably easy on the irises. Sure, Matt Damon holds a special place in my heart and always will, but as far as I’m concerned, Leonardo stole the show. I’d watch it again just to see him. Although, I’d like to see Scorsese redo all his scenes with him naked. Because the world needs more naked Leonardo. Throw Marky Mark in there, too. Matt Damon can leave his skivvies on if he really wants to.

Today’s Craving: Leonardo.


  1. Michele, I must borrow that dvd. I thought I was the only person who had not seen it in the theater, because once you have kids you never see movies in the theater.

    Leo is the man. I hated him and now I am having a Leonardaissance.


  2. Rachel, after you see this movie, you will love him. It’s impossible NOT to. Promise.


  3. I thought the editing was first rate! Thelma Schoonmacher, besides having a name that’s super-fun to say, is a genius.


  4. There were just few scenes that were tough. The one on the porch featuring the conversation between Leo’s cousin and Leo, where the cousin is smoking was off. The actual cuts. Smoke in the scene from the front, out of scene when shot from behind. At least the cigarette wasn’t different lengths!

    Like, I said, it wasn’t a lot, but there were times, things were a bit off.


  5. I have yet to see the film. I have it on my to-see list but that list as of right now has about 300 movies on it….
    Aside from that I heard an interview with Mark Walhberg (sp?) on Fresh Air the other day. He said that they never rehearsed any of the scenes before they shot the film. I thought that was kinds interesting seeing as you mentioned they do what seems to be 5 million takes before getting right. Hmmmm….maybe if they would take the time to rehearse….but then again I guess it wouldn’t be typical Scorsese then right?


  6. I’m not saying that he did that with this particular film, Meshbetty. I am saying that he’s been known for doing that in the past. I have no idea if they actually re-shot many of the scenes or not. It seemed that way because the restaurant was closed and then it closed again months and months and months later. But they could have done that on purpose.

    I just know that Scorsese is a bit of a perfectionist. That’s all. :]


  7. I got it…No worries! :o)

    I think I would be nervous as hell working for Scorsese esp. if you knew that he never really likes for the actors to rehearse….but then again I guess that is why they get paid the big bucks they do.

    Also having a Leonardo craving is a pretty good thing! At least you don’t have to worry about it making you gain too much weight! :o)


  8. Stfarmer (Steve) February 15, 2007 at 6:05 pm

    Oh, man….

    Yeah, but will Leonardo rub your back and your feet when your pregnancy is further along?

    I say, way to go TJ for taking care of the wife on Valentine’s Day! You’re the man, man.

    No, I’m not bitter that I didn’t even get a stinking card for Valentine’s Day.


  9. Oh, Tobyjoe is the apple of my eye. I’d knock Lenonardo down to get to one Tobyjoe, ye not be fooled by this post. Tobyjoe is my daily bean and always will be.


  10. StFarmer: I do understand, however. I was just telling TJ yesterday that I never got much for VD until I met TJ. And when I was a kid, I got like one card from my best friend while all the others were having trouble picking them all up to cart them home.

    Also, what the hell does “Apple of my eye” mean?


  11. i really dislike leo, but he looks quite promising in this one….at least from the previews he does. : )


  12. You didn’t like him in the one about the crazy filmmaker? I thought he was oddly awesome in that. Remove Titanic and look again. Still no?


  13. i boycott’d leo after ”… grape” and accidentally saw “titanic” which drove the stake even further. i haven’t seen anything by him since except some horrible street magician thing with leo interviewing the guy(the human bubble guy in new york, remember him).

    i think i’ll have to rent this new one though….as i age, my disapointment in him is fading…..so we’ll see. : )


  14. oops i lied…i saw 10 minutes of that romeo and juliet in the ghetto, a real winner, but i think that was claire danes’ fault or maybe it was just sillyness on screen. ; )


  15. Oh no! you didn’t like Grape? I loved that movie. :]

    See the one I can’t remember the name of. The one featuring the insane director. I am too busy right now to look it up. No, I’m too lazy right now to look it up.

    he’s grown up, too.


  16. loved the grape! i think the hype over leo was so huge after playing that part. i don’t think he deserved it and it’s probably not his fault. i really don’t think it’s such a huge stretch to play someone who’s mentally handicap. i must say, i didn’t fall for the hype and undeservingly, took it out on him. but then when his follow up acting stunk, it was sort of reafirming my belief of “anyone can do it” kind of thing.

    but i am willing to put that behind me now and admit that he’s probably more talented than i’ve given him credit, but hoping he’s not just a pretty face. hehehehe


  17. I thought he was outstanding in Catch Me If You Can.


  18. i remember when they shut down park luncheonette too! they renovated it and made it all fancy in the process. i liked the old park luncheonette better.


  19. I take it Leonardo has made it to your baby name list.


  20. okay, i saw the departed last night and it was pretty good….. i must admit, leo wasn’t all that bad either.


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