Naming the Baby.

He laid his head on my belly this morning and said, “Hello little baby, do you have ears?”

“I think that happens soon.”

“I thought of the perfect name for the baby if it’s a boy.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I can’t think of a better name.”

“What is it?”



  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

    Much better than Penis.


  2. Missy, you were the first person I thought of.


  3. I’m already writing him letters!

    Dear Ndugu….


  4. Dear Ndugu,

    I almost bought you a onesie that says, “I heart my moms”. I thought it meant “moms” as in, “Lemme go aks my moms”. And then I saw a similar “I heart my dads” and realized my mistake.



  5. If you type in Dear Ndugu into Google, your site is number 7! You have made me so proud just now.


  6. how did you come up with that?

    its swahili for a lot of things. is there another language that uses it?


  7. How about Thierry?

    If you were truly gunners, you would


  8. gunner, how do you pronounce that? I mean, well?


  9. ha! i will give you $5 to name him/her Ndugu.

    Where’s that poster you made with Schmitty? That one cracked me up.


  10. You did not just ask me how to pronounce that, did you? Ahem – for a hint – see #14 on Arsenal.


  11. I know he’s on Arsenal, nutbag. I am just asking you the correct way of saying his name. ;]


  12. Tee-air-ee. Tee-air-ee Booo-drou.


  13. I’m gonna keep hoping for Gus. Or Guy. Guy Boudreaux. You could call him Little G when he wears his “I [heart] my moms” shirt.


  14. While I can’t claim to be a true gunner, that game 3 weeks ago against Man U. finally gave me some loyalty to an EPL team.

    Thierry is actually a pretty good name. Maybe, though, just to mess with you, Ryan, we’ll name the kid Beckham. He can be an underpants model!


    Jon – Ndugu is from the film, All About Schmidt.

    Or, our version, All About Schmitty.


  15. I do really actually like that name.

    Also, I wasn’t going to answer Jon because there was a link to ths film in the post (well, to a Google search of the film) and I get tired of people not reading commments and/or clicking the links. :]

    Plus, he used to give me hell for not googling something. heh


  16. Guy Boudreaux totally sounds like a hockey player’s name.

    And that Schmitty poster. Oh my cute.


  17. I’m gunning for Gus. And if it’s a girl, Gustine.


  18. Oh this honestly made me laugh out loud.

    About Schmidt is one of my fave movies.


  19. P.S. I liked the book very much too, but for some different reasons.


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