Never Been a Truer Slogan.

Cravings this week include: Mrs. T’s, Carvel ice cream cake, Jelly Belly, fries, peppercorn ranch dressing, hummus, cream cheese, veggie tacos, cinnamon buns, soysage, and pancakes.


  1. You are so right. I wish we could get those around here.


  2. One of the attorneys I work with (who is, coincidentally, pregnant) just brought in a huge tray of potato & cheese perogies from her uncle’s shop in Greenpoint. I thought of you. :)


  3. And where might your office be, ms. Jenblossom? Seriously, woman, between this sort of comment and the photos you put up on Flickr, you should be banned from the Internet.


  4. Ha ha! We’re at 53rd & Lex.

    At least I didn’t tell you about yesterday and all the goodies left over from the Big Important Meeting in the office. Oof… I practically waddled home last night.


  5. You just reminded me of something that I simply must have folks bring to me when they visit from Pennslytuckey this weekend.


    Mom, Dad, if you’re reading this, bring me some of these here chips. I want the big bag or the tub. I want BBQ. OH MY GOD, i want them now. :[



    i wouldn’t be scared of cravings until you start wanting nutritional yeast. healthy? yes. tasty? no.


  7. I can tell just by the box that the above is not a cookie puss. it is round.

    I am not sure if Toby really loves you.

    PS I ate about a dozen of the little bags of middleswarth BBQ chips while waiting family in the hospital over the holidays. The bags are only a quarter a a very small price for such a delicious lard/sugar/salt combo.


  8. I’ve been craving pancakes too! I just had them for lunch. What is it about being pregnant and craving the worst food possible? When I was really sick I could only eat Pringles and fast food. I actually at McDonalds chicken nuggets. It was the first time I’ve ate at a McD’s in at least 4 years.


  9. Nico, I was starting to wonder about whether or not TJ loves me or not. Not only did he NOT get the Cookie Puss, but he got me the cookies ‘n cream cake and not the one that has chocolate, vinilla, and a layer of gooey chocolate with awesome chocolate crunchies.

    The cake is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the one I grew up eating.

    When I said to him that he got the wrong cake BUT that I was still very into it, he said, “We don’t have Carvel in Georgia. How was I supposed to know?”


    My husband hates me.


  10. You know that there’s a carvel on mcguinness, right ? its in the supermarket shopping center.


  11. Wait, it’s near Taco Bell, right? Oh my goodness, that might be like standing a little to close to heaven.


  12. i think its like a dunkin donuts, a taco bell, and a carvel in the same space. its right on the side of that shopping center, it kind of looks like a mall food court inside.

    you’ve definitely been to that shopping center. its a key foods or something with a parking lot.


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