Gratuitous Photo Stuff and a Sigh of Relief

My evenings have been really bad lately. I don’t get morning sickness at all. I get evening sickness. And I’m feeling overweight and frumpy. So today I got Kellianne (perhaps the best artist/hairstylist there is) to give me a new haircut. Somehow, this woman always manages find my natural curls. I simply have to figure out how to do this. Here is a picture of the new me. I hope it fools ones eyes away from the expanding inner tube that was once my midsection. (She says this as she eats fries dipped in peppercorn ranch dressing.)

Also, I submitted a picture to JPG Magazine. I really am not asking for pity votes because, well, some of the pictures on there are truly outstanding. BUT! If you like this one for the theme Elegance well, hell, I won’t complain.

Overall, I’m in a really good, lucky mood today even if I feel a little ill. I got my Ultra Screen test results back yesterday and it looks like everything is really awesome. My baby isn’t going to have DS. I’m going to have the Quad Screen (because it’s free and offered by my regular doctor) but it looks like I’ll skip the Amnio entirely.

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this has made me. Like everyone else in the world, I really want to have a healthy baby. Yesterday was a big day for me. And I’m sure this won’t be the last blurb about it because the whole testing thing has plagued me for months. I have worried myself sick over genetic testing for reasons I won’t go into on here, yet – maybe never. (Just remember this: never, ever read stuff on the Internet when you’re trying to get pregnant or are newly pregnant. It’s downright scary out there. If you’re prone to worry, stay away from the Internet and books.)

Edited to add: I wrote a really long article about genentic testing on pregnant women. Please see it if you’re interested.


  1. Hurrah! A Boudreaux bun in the oven! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! I’m ridiculously happy for you two.

    ps… Do you still have any missing Hurricane names? Cause I’m thinking you could fill in some gaps, here. :)


  2. haha! You know something, girl27, that thought actually crossed my mind.

    Thank you, darlin’. I have to say, I have missed you greatly. Please do not be a stranger, if you’re not here, please email me from time to time.


  3. Eeep! What are all these tests! I am not yet trying to get preggers, but the thought of not having a healthy baby because of family genetics scares the dickens out of me. When I talked to the midwife who did my last exam she said I should get an “Executive Profile” blood test to make sure there isn’t any physical reason for me not to get pregnant.
    Michele-did you have to do this test? None of my other preggers or recently pregnant friends have heard of this.


  4. Nora, if you are really interested in knowing, I will write about everything I found over the last several months. I am happy to. I have wanted to actually. I was surprised to find out how much there is to know, study, and understand. And while most of the time knowledge makes people feel better, in the wrong hands, (which is to say in hands like my own) it made me really freaked out. But all is well and I am happy I knew about it. I’m happy that I asked questions, studied up, thought about it so much.

    The tests aren’t at all bad, and I would suggest them to anyone who might be slightly worried about having a baby with a chromosomal defect.

    The thing is, you have to ask yourself one huge question before agreeing to any of this: What would you do with the information? If you find out that you have a baby with Down, would you terminate the pregnancy? If that answer is no, then it might be best to stay away from the testing entirely. But if you might do that, then the option is there.

    Some women get them no matter what to better prepare themselves should they have a baby with Down or another chromosomal defect.

    If you really want to know, if anyone out there wants to know, I am a fountain of information about all of the first and second trimester testing techniques. :] I’m happy to edumacate.

    Edited to add: I’ll do this. I’ll write up everything I know in laymens terms because that’s what I understand best. :]


  5. Dude. How in the fuck did I miss that you are pregnant? My life really HAS been a mess.



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