W(onderful) Indeed.

Yesterday was a long day. Tobyjoe and I had a few appointments together in the city. We were out from 9 AM until after 5, running around in the rain. But I’ll report more on that later. What I really want to write about right now, however, is our new Heavenly bed (Oops!) our new W Bed! That’s right, folks. We went ahead and pulled the trigger on this one. We bought a new bed.

Let me begin by saying it’s awesome. It’s much taller than our old one, which means we might have to invest in some pet steps for Schmitty. (Although, it appears that Travis isn’t using them.) The new mattress is pristinely white so we went ahead and left the plastic on the box spring since the frame doesn’t arrive until Tuesday. (This is the one we’re getting. I’m excited about having a footboard!) Right now I feel like an old lady with my plastic-covered furniture.

I was a little bit surprised to find out that it wasn’t quite as big as I imagined it’d be. Our old bed was a full. This one is a queen. It’s about 6 inches wider than our old one. Granted, that’s one entire cat, so we should see the difference. I hope.

I will report back on how it sleeps tomorrow. Or maybe sooner if this impending nap has its way.


  1. the big difference between a full and queen is the length. i think its generally 5 wider but 8 deeper.

    the extra few inches is really important for taller people. i’m 6’, and can’t stand sleeping in a full. either my head is touching the headboard, or my feet are dangling off the bed.


  2. Yeah, we did notice that it seemed a lot longer than the other one. And I’m not even tall and my feet were nearly off the bed sometimes.

    Someday, maybe we’ll get a king. When we don’t live in a Brooklyn/NYC apartment and can actually fit the darned thing.


  3. Wooooohoooo!! New beds are so fun! I’d feel weird about leaving the plastic on too, but it just so happens that it does have a purpose.

    The mattress we sleep on at my stepmom’s place was actually my grandparent’s mattress. It was kept in the plastic for 25 years!! It’s still in awesome shape.

    Congrats on the new mattress set and new bed! Rock on!


  4. The actual mattress was kept in plastic? how does that work? DOes it make noise? I was tempted to do that as well, leave the plastic on the mattress. You can’t be too safe especially since we live in bed bug central over here.


  5. Tornado Kitty uses her Doggie Steps to get up onto my bed. But I suspect she resents the little ribbon sewn into them that says “For Dogs Only.” :P


  6. Yeah, you see, I have to admit I got a little irritated that the pet stairs are marketed mainly to dogs. Especially since I now know of 4 people who own them and all of said people own them for cats.

    Damn marketing chumps. Cats can use them too!

    I realize there are other things to get annoyed about but oh well.

    Oh, and oh how I love Tornado Kitty.


  7. ooh… a new bed is exciting. Did you get new sheets too?

    Schmitty will be able to get up there. He’s still spry.

    My bed is super high. If I am standing, the top of the mattress is about to my waist. All of my creatures can jump up onto it.


  8. Wait a second, Faith can get up there? Are you kidding me? hahahah

    she’s so cute.


  9. totally. She’s a good jumper.


  10. If the dogs aren’t huge fans of steps, a ramp might work better for them.


  11. I traumatized our dog by plunking him on the bed with us the first night he lived with us. He spent the night there (too terrified to move, maybe?), but he never got on the bed again, and I’m glad. It’s crowded enough with Kerry, the cat, any one or more of the kids and me.

    Actually, the kids rarely visit for a cuddle anymore. It’s kinda bittersweet. Owen used to get up and when he would see that we were both still in bed he would run back to his room, grab his baby blanket and shoot into our bed to hunker down between us and suck his thumb. Now he tears out of the room, runs down the hall and starts building war machines out of legos.

    Congrats on the bed. Hopefully some day it will be a stage for something like this


  12. Trying on a slightly older post.


  13. I’m a little late here, but, my Buddy who is 16, arthritic and has hyperthroidism, LOVES the ‘kitty’ steps. He wouldn’t know what to do without them!


  14. Never too late. Thanks for the input. Once we get the frame, I do think I’ll get them for our old man.


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