Contents Under Pressure.

I’m afraid of the tubed cans you open, you know, the ones that Pillsbury uses to house their extraordinarily nutritious treats. They scare me. I know they’re going to make a popping sound when I peel away the paper wrapping but I never know when this sound is going to take place. It scares me, that moment, especially when the dough pops out, a fleshy explosion from a can.

I used to get Tobyjoe to open the containers for me but he doesn’t like when I bring food items into the house that are enriched with saturated fat and/or an exorbitant number of calories. I can’t say I blame him.

But then yesterday I saw some TV commercial featuring that little white giggly dude and suddenly I needed Pillsbury Sweet Rolls, specifically, the cinnamon ones.

It was after 7 and I really didn’t want to go to the grocery store. The one that’s closest to the apartment closes at 7. I would have had to walk all the way to Bedford and screw exercise, even exercise punctuated by sweet rolls.

So, I made them from scratch.

It was shockingly easy. I found a recipe online and 3 hours later I had fresh, (not as unhealthy) sweet rolls.

(You totally want to touch my rolls, don’t you?)


  1. I want to dive right into your sweet rolls baby. They look yummy as heck [and just as good as the poppin fresh ones]


  2. Come on over, Donald! You haven’t seen me in a while but I am starting to look a little plump and pasty, a whole lot whiter. And I love it when you poke my tummy.

    (This is starting to sound really dirty, isn’t it?)


  3. The other day I explored the ingredients in some of that Pillsbury stuff after I heard that some of them were vegan. Some of it was indeed vegan but in the end I just couldn’t buy them… the ingredients were so gross and artificial and the calories/fat was out of this world! I’m glad you went homemade instead – a lot healthier, I’m sure!

    Too bad it took three hours… ouch.

    And don’t feel too terrible, we’re all a little “fluffier” and pastier in January! I’m currently on a cupcake binge and can totally relate.

    P.S. Love the graphic!


  4. Well, most of the 3 hours was spent actually sitting on the couch waiting as the dough had to rise. Total actual work time was about 30 minutes. :] So, don’t let that scare ya off, if you’re so inclined.


  5. LOL…this is five mins [driving from my house]….PILLSBURY EDEN…..


  6. dear god, i want those


  7. Jon, totally. You’re not far, you know.


  8. Sweet christ of all that is yum, these look perfect.


  9. That’s it. We’re having a girl slumber party when Tobyjoe goes out of town. We’ll make sweet rolls, watch movies, and wear pink. We’ll fill a water bottle up with a little bit from all the booze bottles in our liquor cabinet and drink it until we puke. We’ll fill the bottles with water and iced tea.


  10. and then you’ll bring me cinnamon rolls, because i’m not far, you know.


  11. They look delicious!

    I’ve always been afraid of the Pillsbury poppage as well…don’t worry, you are not alone.


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