Waiting To Speak.

My friend Brad tells me that there are two roles during a conversation. He tells me this when I fess up to how bad of a listener I can be.

“Don’t worry, Michele.” He says. “No one listens. When people engage in a conversation there is only speaking and waiting to speak.”

I haven’t had much to say lately. I have begun several posts, even saved a few, but I can’t seem to push anything live.

And so I’ll wait until something comes to me, something good, decent, not too boring. Until then I’m not sure what I should do, sit silently and wait? Ask people to tell me stories? I’m disenchanted, bored, tired, and preoccupied to the utmost degree.

There’s a good chance I may forget how to speak by the time Tobyjoe returns from Georgia. It’s surprising how little one says when one doesn’t like to use a phone. I don’t go into an office any longer either.

Talking is overrated anyway.

So, here is a photograph of my new favorite item. I wear it as if it were an extra layer of skin.

I used to add thumbholes to some of my favorite long sleeve shirts. It worked for a while and then it would tear. I love wearing my shirts this way; it’s a superb option for those of us with perpetually cold hands.


  1. Hey Michele. It’s a grey day down here too.


  2. when Mitch goes out of town, i talk to my dog a lot. But eventually it gets sad and lonely doing that so i sing along to songs he doesn’t like listening to or talk back to the TV. perhaps this is all odd behavior but i don’t like the telephone either. some people believe that cameras steal your soul, but for me the phone sucks the life right out of the thoughts in your brain. when does TJ return?


  3. Couldn’t agree more about the phone. Well put, Gina.

    I guess I have yelled at a certain Orangemani Terrorist. So I’m not totally mute.

    TJ gets back Tuesday.

    Hey Mike, where is here?


  4. I thought it might be you, love. :]


  5. Ah! I thought it might be you too!


  6. Last week, we experienced the shortest day of the year up here above the equator. Since then we have been gaining about a minute of daylight per day. I, for one, am very happy to be moving once again out of darkness into light.


  7. Yep. Things will get lighter. Most certainly.


  8. Your new shirt looks positively snuggly.

    I hope you’re not spending New Years’ Eve alone…?


  9. I think my brother and I might get together. It’s going to be a quiet New Years that’s for sure. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay up past midnight this year. :] We’ll see.

    If all goes well, I’ll force Ryan to treat me to a dinner, buy him a few drinks, and call it a night. But we’ll see. Playin’ it by ear, I guess.


  10. Well, Mike and I are staying in for NYE, keeping things low-key with a succession of little nibblies and drinks like we did on xmas eve. You’re certainly welcome to join us if you like. :)


  11. You’re super sweet. I’ll send you an email. If you guys make that yummy food I always see on your Flickr page, I’m totally there. :] No, seriously, you have my mouth watering daily, woman.


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