Leg Lamp Cookies: Year Two

3:39 PM: The first batch (and by batch I mean three) of mihow.com holiday leg lamp cookies was put into the oven. In 8 minutes I will know if there will be a Christmas this year at all.

3:49 PM: Last year was sort of a disaster so this year I changed my recipe a bit. I added something entirely unhealthy that will hopefully make them studier as last year they fell apart. This year they’re bigger, too.

4:00 PM: I don’t like the way the cookies taste. Do I sacrifice taste for strength? Perhaps the mihow.com leg lamp cookies are better left fragile.

4:10 PM: I’m getting pissed off.

4:12 PM: There might not be Christmas this year.

4:36 PM: We must have tossed the smaller leg lamp cookie cutter we created last year because I can only find the larger one, which Tobyjoe painstakingly created for me. I wasn’t happy with its size. I asked him to make a smaller one and since he’s awesome, he did. But now I can’t find it. Either way, I’m not pleased with the size and shape of the cookie.

I have no idea what to do and too much actual work to do to start over.

5:25 PM: Thanks to some lovely comments, I have decided to press on. Another batch has graced the oven. (I had to wait for the french fries to come out) Later, I will force Tobyjoe into tasting one. Updates to come…


  1. Awwww, I think it’s cute!

    I don’t bake, so I’m always impressed by people who can.


  2. i bet they taste good b/c they look so damn good! and if not, if they are totally inedible, then dip them in shellac, tie a hook on them and hang ‘em on your tree as ornaments b/c that fishnet detailing should NOT go to waste.


  3. Seriously, they look great. And honestly, who cares! how they taste? I would feel honored to receive such a cookie, and probably wouldn’t even eat it, because it looks so cool, and, well, so leg-lampish. : ) (My aunt used to make cookies that were turned into ornaments.)


  4. I will fourth that opinion on the leg lamp greatness.
    In the words of Dr. Seuss:

    You can eat them on a bed
    You can eat them standing on your head
    You can eat them in car
    You can eat them here or ‘thar’

    Would you trade them for a peacan chocolate delight (a homemade ugly turtle candy- they never look like turtles you see in the store but taste amazing).


  5. I think they look great! You should get a second opinion on the taste test :) Fill Toby up on the giant leg lamps!


  6. ginar, you’re a genius. I never even thought of making them into ornaments! What a funny idea.

    raphaelle, you had me at Dr. Suess.

    The graphic designer in me wants them to look perfect. If only I could just adjust a point or two and reshape her leg. ;]


  7. They look great. You’ve inspired me. I’m searching around for a good recipe and I’m off tomorrow in search of cookie cutters.

    Thanks :)


  8. Mihow,

    i got those recipes from my swedish and German friends. They needed to be translated so I was waiting to send them. Unfortunately, I had to fly back to Alberta sooner then planned and I forgot your recipes. I am so sorry!

    merry Christmas anyways…



  9. Your leg lamp cookies are far better than anything I could make. I also agree that taste is far more important than function.


  10. i’ll tell you what you should do. put that shit in a box and send it to me.


  11. (broken)leg-lamp cookies,yum….. like my grandaddy always said….everything looks the same in the end.


  12. Well, that’s not entirly true. If you get what I’m saying.


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