Barbarian Group Photo Booth.

Rick and Keith set up a photo booth at the Barbarian Group Holiday party on Thursday night. Basically, you walk in; press a button and a picture is taken. It’s stored on a hard drive and a little while later it shows up on a huge screen on stage. It was quite fun to watch.

Here is Tobyjoe poking fun at Ryan.

See them all here.

More on Boston later when I’m not totally beat.


  1. This picture is way too cute.


  2. oooh. toby has a boutonniere. fancy. Did he get you a wrist corsage. I hope so…


  3. Nope. Only the Barbarians were to wear the boutonniere. It was so they could cut in line at the bar. heh


  4. The Barbarian ladies wore corsages. Boys got the lapel flower thing.


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