Kramer Pulls a Mel. Freaks Out Entirely.

Michael Richards, aka Kramer, lost it on Friday during a stand up comedy routine. He began screaming racial slurs after a two members from the audience began to heckle him. The video is really quite disturbing. Eventually, everyone got up and left. You can see the video here (warning, it’s loud and offensive) and read more about it here. It’s pretty safe to say that homeboy needs some help. Ten bucks says he checks himself in for alcoholism.


  1. That’s totally wild. I was shocked. Not good for the career when you totally snap like that. Poor guy. There’s always a problem underneath an issue.


  2. agreed. he reminded me of a totally freaked out animal.


  3. Who are these people? Who thinks that they can behave this way? Sheesh. Is it because he’s ‘famous’? He feels that he gets a free pass to obsenityville?

    Surely there’s some underlying issue, but come on.


  4. That really makes me sick. What a fucking shame.
    He also reminded me of an ex, scarily enough.

    And yeah, I’m betting it will be blamed on alcohol, which also upsets me. Mel did it, so it’s a blanket excuse for spouting racial slurs now. But being an alcoholic, I may have said things I regretted while drunk, but not things I didn’t think were true. shudders.


  5. Unbelievable.


  6. Did you catch Letterman tonight? The big apology…


  7. No, I totally missed it. I was up working but didn’t have the damn TV on. I wonder if it’s online. What happened?


  8. sounds like a case of “out of work actor tries a new thing and sucks at it and everybody knows it but him to where he lashes out andy kaufman style!”

    he’s a loser, he shouldn’t appologise because it’s obvious what he feels deep down and he’s only doing it for damage control and not for sincere reasons….

    i think we’ll see him hanging from the back of his bedroom door at some point after many years of alcohol abuse and recluse behavior…..but then again, knowing how deranged hollywood is, this could skyrocket his career!


  9. I don’t know about that, Greg. I think he genuinely lost his shit for a moment. I don’t think this was planned at all or thought about beforehand. I dunno.

    It’s sad, either way. And he does seem honestly messed up over it. But the thing is, one must wonder if he’s merely upset because he might not work again and not because he was mean.

    What gets me is let’s say he flipped out on a group of women. Let’s say he called them all sluts and whores or something. It may have made You Tube but I’m not sure he’d have gone on Letterman to apologize about that. I’m not sure it’d be seen as horrible. Why is that? What if they were a group of lesbian women and he used hateful words for lesbian women? How about a group of gay men? I’m not saying that I think people would be outraged about that too, but I really do want to know if people think the public’s reaction would be different.


  10. nervous and small November 20, 2006 at 2:23 pm

    I dunno….I didn’t see the initial rant [though I “heard” the “bleeped” version from the local TV newscast while sitting in another room of my “L” shaped apt. staring at the computer hearing the bleeep bleep bleep bleeep bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep you bleeep bleeeeeep bleeeeeeeeep bleeeeeep bleep bleep bellep bleeep bleeps bleeep bleep bleep bleeep bleeep bleep bleeep bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep you bleeep bleeeeeep bleeeeeeeeep bleeeeeep bleep bleep bellep bleeep bleeps from the newscast ten feet away and thinking “OMG” was actually GLAD I missed it……because well, it was obviously a very sick sad overture of sick sick sadness.
    I DID SEE his rather wrenchingly poignant apology on Letterman that night…..and it was, well you know, American Surrealism at its best/worst. One CERTAINLY felt that he was indeed certainly aware of the tragic boundaries he had crossed, and indeed completely nakedly sorry for what he had done. Not that it makes him any less of an asshole, but it certainly makes him a self-aware asshole, which something he wasn’t before. We’ve all been idiots and we’ve all crossed the line SOMEPLACE. Coming clean [OK, not……but you know] on national TV in front of an audience of millions doesn’t necessarily “fix” what he did, but it certainly did tenderize the grimmness of it all. It took huevos to do that…….it did indeed “seem” heartfelt.


  11. Nervous and small, the bleep part of your post made me actually laugh out loud.

    Thank you for that. I needed it today.


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