Narcissism? Let's Be Honest.

Immediately following the news about the Crocodile Hunter, a chorus of dramatic comments and stories rode in on a tidal wave of narcissism. Have you ever noticed, that no matter what the news story many bloggers will find whatever way possible to talk about him or herself? We’re so thoughtful and creative and amazing and it’s really a wonder how we’ve managed to do so many great things. Who knew caring so much could be so emotionally draining? Who knew that caring so much could carry with it so many grammatical mistakes?

It’s horrible what happened to all those people involved in the recent Chinatown bus accident in Massachusetts. What a horrible experience those people must have had. I can only begin to imagine how awful it must have felt to fall over like that. I am not a big fan of public busses. I once took a bus from Washington, DC all the way up to New York City. I was trying to save money; otherwise, I would have taken the train. Oh well! Anyway, I was in the middle of Baltimore when we stopped at a depot and a group of men got on. The men were on weekend release from the state penitentiary. First of all, I didn’t know they did such a thing. I mean, you’re in jail, dude. What is WITH this leniency crap? What ever happened to locking that door and throwing away the key? Can you believe that one of those monsters actually sat right next to me? It’s true! He was really smelly. The entire trip he was leaning all over me. I was afraid for my life. He kept trying to talk to me and I kept turning my headphones up louder and louder. At one point I thought he might sexually assault me and since he’s used to prison sex that would have really sucked. It was the worst bus trip I have been on. Plus, he smelled like piss and I’m sure he was a lazy wiper. SO GROSS!

Did you read about the Mexican man who was beaten to death because he was Mexican and the kids who did so wanted to beat up a Mexican? What a sick and horrible story. What is the world coming to? Seriously. I can’t imagine how his wife and children must feel right now. This man worked 100 hour weeks at the International House of Pancakes on Staten Island where he worked his way up from busboy to head chef. Amazing. He was a hard-working family man who did everything he could for his family. Family is so important. Speaking of family, people should really consider strangers family sometimes (unless they are inmates). A few years back I was walking home with Tobyjoe on Christmas Eve when a drunk Polish man came stumbling out of a bar. Two people had run by him, knocking him down. He used a cane to walk. A CANE! The cane went flying, so did his beer. I’m polish. But even if I weren’t polish, I would have helped this old man. I’m like that. Plus, it was Christmas Eve and he was really drunk. Tobyjoe and I picked him up off the pavement. Did I mention that he had beer with him that had exploded when it (and he) hit the street? Tobyjoe and I decided to walk him home. He was really very wobbly but we held him up and walked him home. Not only did we possibly save his life but also we actually gave him our beer to make up for his spilled six-pack. (Merry Christmas, little man!) Also, he said I was pretty. I felt really good about myself for walking such a drunken man home on Christmas Eve and giving him my beer. It’s a good thing we were there.

A study was released recently about the workers who helped clean up after 9/11 and the exceedingly high number of respiratory problems they have. That day was rough. Everyone knows that. I know that. The air was thick with ash and fumes and smoke; God knows what was in the air that day. (Speaking of God, where were you, man? I was there. But where were YOU?) Workers came out from all over to help clean up and now they’re paying the price.

A few weeks ago, Tobyjoe visited our primary care doctor to discuss his breathing, which has gotten exceedingly worse over the years. Mine has as well, but I haven’t gone to the doctor yet. I also have allergies I never had before. I can’t help but wonder if they are related. I may not have helped the cleanup efforts, but I was there that day. I saw the soot. I smelled it from my rooftop. My brother did as well. Tobyjoe was given an inhaler for his asthma. I worry my lungs might follow.

I do hope that these volunteers and workers get the help they need especially since many do not have health insurance. I can imagine that, too, because WE didn’t have health insurance when we lived in San Francisco. Thankfully, we have it now. But back then we lived entirely off Tobyjoe’s salary, paid 1900 dollars in rent, AND drank wine almost every night, but we could not afford our health insurance! Can you believe that? It would have been nice to have especially when that woman accidentally cut into my big toe during a pedicure. What a bummer! Thank goodness we have it now especially since this 9/11 study came out. Yowza, people. Yowza!

I love this great world and its people. I love that I exist to relate to its people. I love that I have a story for every one that you have. I love that I save the world with my words and my blog one post at a time. has been alive for 4.5 years and has a total of 2149 (live) posts.

The word “I” has been used in 1766 of those posts.


  1. Narissism? Let’s be honest… that’s not a word.


  2. Okay, good, you changed it. Sheesh, for someone who loves to talk about herself, I’d think you’d at least re-read your headlines.


  3. You know, i don’t even know what to say about that. Nuts. Clearly, someone needs to remove the keyboard from my hands when I am menstruating. Not only am I bitch but I’m a bitch who can’t spell.

    Ah well. Tomorrow’s a better day….


  4. Mihow, I thought the spelling thing was on purpose. Maybe I took you for more cynical than you were…

    Thought-provoking post. I personally have issues with blog rants, but yours was a clever yet seemingly genuine spin on that, a sort of meta rant.

    The main thing that rubs me the wrong way with the run of the mill vents and rants is that people want to vent usually about other people, but they don’t want to talk with the person they’re angry with.

    Sometimes when I click on a blog and see a title like “To the annoyingly technically-challenged woman in front of me in line at Border’s”, I get depressed and stop readong blogs for days.

    It’s to the point that supreme lack of empathy is the “blog style”. Every post is another version of “I can’t possibly fathom why anyone in the world responds to the world differently than I do”.

    The narcissism thing I have mixed feelings about. Partly because it’s uncomfortable focusing on self (for me) in ways that are the whole point of my blog, partly because I want to run away from that sometimes. Sticking it out, staying “with myself” and my feelings through some of the things I have written on my blog have been some of the hardest and yet most rewarding moments of my humanness in the past couple of years.

    Showing art to kids and being honest have been close seconds.


  5. I do suppose blogs, in and of themselves, are mostly narcissistic in nature. There are, of course, exceptions, and I’ve always been a sucker for humility. I TRY to be that, but I know I don’t always succeed. And also, I do indeed see your point(s). In short, I like you. A lot. And I wouldn’t mind if you talked about yourself incessantly for days. But, if I’m being honest, one of many reasons I think you are great is because, mostly, you don’t. But you could. But really, no pressure.
    : )


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