Ball Joints, Marathons, Blogs, and Travel

It’s hot and there’s a lot going on. And I’m sorry for the lack of updates as of late. We’ve been running around, doing things, taking care of business. Plus, there was the vacation and all. Plus, I’ve been Interneted out as of late. I think I’m going through a phase. It’s either that, or coming out of one. We’ll see.

We got the car back from our mechanic right before we left for vacation. The news was not good. We got it back in the same state we dropped it off in. I posted a picture taken from the garage. My mechanic said he’s willing to do the work but he has no time to look for parts. We were told we need two upper ball joints and two lower ball joints. On top of that, we need an engine pipe, which he’s pointing to here. I immediately thought we were screwed. I began to mentally divorce myself from the lovely car. And then the Internet came to the rescue. Someone shy who goes by the name “nervous and small” posted a link. 163 bucks later, four ball joints are making their way to me.

Let’s see, I signed up for a soccer league that begins in September. I’m looking forward to that. Let’s hope it cools down by then.

What else. On Sunday, after weeks of going back and forth, I finally resolved to train for the NYC Marathon that takes place on November 5th, 2006. I even did some research and came up with a training schedule. I was quite pleased with myself. In the state of a daydream, I imagined one friend or family member standing at each of the 26 miles along the route. (First, I daydreamed about actually having 26 friends.) And, duh, of course I’m way, way past the deadline to sign up legitimately. What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking. I thought I might be able to raise 2500 bucks to train with Fred’s Team. They were sold out, too. DC is sold out as well. Maybe I can do that next year. (A kind man contacted me about a few other opportunities with local charaties in NYC. I may have given up too easily. I’m waiting to hear back again but there’s a good chance we can still run.)

Nico and George got married while we were away. Soung and David had their wedding party. We stayed at The Tabbard Inn. DC was wonderful. I got to see a lot of people who I miss greatly. We had brunch with Michael and Inger and their most beautiful baby girl. I fell in love with this child. I can’t tell you how much this baby touched my heart.

Rhode Island was cool as well, although not having a car was a little rough. We didn’t nearly get to see as much as we would have liked. But it was relaxing and we got to share Nico and George’s big day.

Lastly, it’s about the blog. Truth be told, I have a love/hate relationship with this Web site. Sometimes, when I branch out a bit and read other blogs, I begin to feel shameful that I’m a part of this community. There is an uncomfortable amount of hatred out there. There is an uncomfortable amount of cattiness and vindictiveness. There always has been. (Lord knows, I’ve been involved in a few meaningless spats over the years.) It seems that people thrive from it. There is a lot of laziness and finger-pointing that takes place as well. I’m often embarrassed for other people. I’m embarrassed for myself.

The first step to recovery is accepting that you have a problem.

My name is Michele and I’m a self-hating blogger. Am I the only self-hating blogger out there? Do others struggle with this?

I’m not a proud blogger. Running (and completing) a marathon, petting the cats at the Barc animal shelter, snuggling with Tobyjoe every night, sharing brunch with an old friend, cooking corn on the cob to perfection, baking scones, finding the parts to repair my perfectly wonderful car, writing my brother a letter about his baby’s hands, these are things that I am proud of. I wish I could be proud of blogging too.

In other news, we’re talking about a trip to India next year. We’ll see if my reproductive schedule allows for as much. Who knows what a year from now will bring but I have wanted to see India for over a decade. It simply must take place especially now that I have 30 lovely Xanax pills for flying. If India doesn’t work out, London is in order. I want to see Dan. I want crisps. I want British football. I want to visit Manchester and have a pint at the pub I worked at.

That’s all for now. It’s nice to be back in New York even if it’s blazing hot. I miss her when she’s not around.


  1. i think you deserve some time away from blog-world. more time making love and babies, less time blogging. although you realize this means we’ll have to call each other more often!


  2. I love talking to you, gina. Calling is good. Hopefully, my headpiece will hold up as I am still without a working phone. :] I am a dildo.


  3. i say ditch the cell phone, too. just another device that’ll interrupt you from all the baby making you should be doing ;)


  4. We went to India when A was 6 weeks pregnant! Combine the two.


  5. for real? Did A get the shots while she was preggers? Does that affect things? Do share!


  6. You probably would not want to be traveling when morning sickness peaks at 8 to 10 weeks until 12 to 14 weeks. Maybe you will be lucky and not experience morning sickness, but you never know. Additionally, the first trimester can be difficult because it can make you extremely tired. It is unlike any tiredness I have ever experienced. Of course pregnancy is different for everyone, so you could feel totally fabulous.


  7. so you could feel totally fabulous.

    Somehow, I doubt this. My luck, it’s not so good when it comes to being female. (I had some seriously BAD periods growing up. Would pass out, vomit, break my face, etc etc. Somehow, I think that time will come back. But it’s worth it, right?!)

    So, here’s the plan, train for a marathon. Get into the best shape of my life even if I can’t complete it. Then, as a reward, ruin my body (again) by getting knocked up. Sweet! Oh, and head to India right beforehand.

    Now, I have to figure out a way to raise 2500 bucks. Hmmmmm


  8. Although we were trying, it was not intentional to be pregnant at that point. We did um and ah about it a lot, but the doctors said our main concern would be dehydration (from the heat and any tummy bugs). A was up to date with most of her shots, so that wasn’t an issue. She may have required typhoid. There’s only one malaria course that is suitable if you’re pregnant, so it does limit where you can go. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I’m learning that you shouldn’t let kids get in the way of a full life. I was born in a tin hospital in Nepal and thank my parents every day they didn’t come back to the UK.


  9. Aleppo, do you have a web site? I get the feeling you probably have quite a lot of stories to share.

    Speaking of shots, I got my results back from my doctor. Apparently, my measels shout is out of date. I need that. Weird.


  10. Hey Mihow:
    Unfortunately, it also means it takes a bit of effort to find what you’re looking for. I don’t want to divulge the names of the Zen Masters who know EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that you could possibly ever want to know about your car since I haven’t asked their permission to publicly post their private information on the ‘net, so I’m wary of posting it inna blog. They have a small business that specializes in restoring and maintaining only one type of terrific Volvo, the 164e. Sure they work on other stuff too, but it’s the 164 they know and love, and have an army of parts cars/resources that will keep your car happy and healthy for at least the next twenty years easy. Just e-mail me at:

    The simple truth is you have a great car......BUT you also have a relatively rare car [also a good thing, since of course, you are an enlightened individual, but anyone who reads this blog is already aware of THAT].

    I’ll tell you all about them, and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you.



  11. Nervous and Small, you are an intriguing young feller/gal. I will email you from home this evening. Thank you.


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