Concrete Shoe Beats Concrete Ball.

I’m not sure if this is unbelievably funny or just plain cruel. Maybe both.

“Two young men kicked the balls and suffered bad bruising on their feet,” a police spokeswoman said. “We still don’t have any leads in the case.”

Had those two men worn my concrete shoe that ball would have been so dead.


  1. I wonder what language the signs were written in. I can imagine Germans writing them in Italian.

    It’s funny BECAUSE it’s cruel.


  2. I think we need to find that out. Great point.


  3. I wrote to Dr. Maddow of the Rachel Maddow show. We’ll see if she answers. I orginally heard about it on her show. She presumed that they were spray-painted in German but I want to know if that’s correct.

    I gotta tell ya, that would be so much funnier.


  4. Sorry, if they were written in Italian it’d make it funnier. Alright, shuttin up.


  5. They have made arrests in the case.

    Police in Berlin said on Wednesday they had arrested two men on suspicion of placing cement-filled soccer balls around the city and inviting people to kick them. At least two people injured themselves by kicking the balls, which were chained to lampposts and trees alongside the spray-painted message: “Can you kick it?”

    They din’t say what language.


  6. Hmmmm, kinda funny… but definitely cruel.


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