You mark that frame an 8, and you're entering a world of pain.

I left at noon yesterday for a companywide retreat to Bowlmor lanes at Union Square. I am positively awful bowler.

The most annoying part of the day was when an entire, freshly manicured thumbnail broke off into the bowling ball. The gutter ball that came directly following said tragic event was well expected. Now, I have one unpainted nail. It’s short and out of place. I never once had fingernails before this year. When I was a teenager I would buy Lee Press-On Nails and wear them around until one snapped off but I never actually had nails before. Now that they are here, I have grown used to them and quite attached to them as well. When they break, I feel a small sting of depression.

Tonight, Tobyjoe and I are heading to Bond Street Sushi with Keith and Melanie who embark on a two-week vacation to Belize tomorrow. (Lucky bastards.) Tomorrow, we’re off to watch the England/Portugal game at either Nevada Smith’s or some other dark, dingy bar, which means I will need to either run my necessary 8 miles today at 3 when I am let go from work, tomorrow before 9 am or Sunday morning.

I picked up some freelance work with The Barbarian Group, which will mean working all weekend, which I am totally OK with because I need the money. Working all weekend pretty much means a guaranteed bunch of pointless and excessively boring updates on I hope all those away and celebrating the fourth of July have a good time not reading Web sites and instead having fun in the sun. IF YOU’RE AN AMERICAN (sorry!), what are you doing for the fourth?


  1. We’re taking the kids to see fireworks, as we always do on 7/4. On 7/2 we’re taking the kids hiking to see a natural gas vent that is burning behind a waterfall in the countryside outside Buffalo (called “the eternal flame”). I’m also going to cook an extra special dinner that evening as Kerry and I celebrate our 12th anniversary (or, as she jokes, “Eight years of wedded bliss.”)


  2. I have a Vietnamese wedding to go to in Cincinnati. Anyone know much about Vietnamese wedding traditions? I’m in the dark here.


  3. we’re headed to NY to see my fam!!! I’m real excited because its been a year since I was up there last and I haven’t seen my momma since THANKSGIVING! I miss her.

    My only regret is that I won’t be bringing any explosives with me. my sister has put a “sparkler only” warning on our 4th o’ july bbq.


  4. Happy Canada Day tomorrow!! I am in my hometown and will partake in some of the totally random small-town things that happens on Canada day: face-painting, probably some local talent band… swimming in the ocean…


  5. We’re gonna go see the fireworks on the pier and hope the fog doesn’t cover them up. There’s nothing quite like knowing a million dollars of pretty fireworks are shooting into the air and all you can hear is BOOM…BOOM… and see some colored fog and everybody sighs deeply and grits their teeth. That’s San Francisco for you.


  6. OMG. I am such a stupid American. I must ammend this post. Kater, HAPPY CANADA DAY!


  7. Dee! I remember watching the fireworks from the top of Sanchez street in SF. (I think that was the name of the street) And all we saw was fog. hahahha

    It was a little bit sad.


  8. We are not sure where we are going to view the fireworks. We are going to a bbq at our friends’ Michelle and Christian’s house. I am just hoping it won’t be nearly as cold as it was when we were at your place two years ago. Last year we enjoyed seeing the fireworks from the top of my friend’s building in Brooklyn. It was so nice and warm too!
    Maybe next year we will be back East to have a real 4th celebration……


  9. i will be watching germany kick italy out in the semi-finals and that way us making the finals. which will mean probably just about as much celebrating over here tuesday night as over there for 4th of july :)


  10. kim, i’m right there with you!!

    btw, we went to this place called “the pinch” on sullivan btw bleecker and 3rd for the games today and it was awesome.


  11. No shit, Aimee. We were right around the corner at Nevada Smiths.


  12. I’m gonna watch Italy knock Germany out of the World Cup.

    Goals by Pirlo and Toni.

    Tears by millions of krauts.

    (“I’ve told that kraut a million times I don’t roll on Shabbas!”)

    Forza Italia.


  13. I am so torn. I now have no idea who to root for. I’m for sale, folks. Recruit me.


  14. I’m with Jim on this – not only because I love those crazy Italians (this whole drama with the scandal among the Italian league just sweetens the pot as far as I’m concerned!) – but to preserve peace in the home. Jim would probably file for divorce it I went any other way!

    I’d love to see a France v. Italy final. Zidane still has it!

    Mihow-if the team you support is out (USA, right?) then do what I do – pick the team that has some attribute or skill or player (hey, I’ll get on the Totti is a hottie bandwagon anytime) that you admire – or pick a team to hate and just hope they get smeared.


  15. france and zee germans in the final. germany wins it all. that’s my prediction…

    i’ve got a soft spot for the germans because they have this whole national identity issue. its like because of their nationalism run amok back in WWII, they’re afraid to come off as too proud of their nation or something… i.e. when i bought my dfb jersey back in march i showed it to our german friend marc who said “oh, the dfb! but we’ll lose because we suck”

    i’m a sucker for the underdog…


  16. I was rooting for England as well. And Saturday was even more depressing the the USA game. I’m tired of picking losers! I was thinking Italy. But then I figured Germany might win since they’re the home team and all.

    Is Germany the underdog? I love underdogs! All I know is France is not going to be who I root for. Although, Tobyjoe is leaning toward France.

    Did you all hear about the guy on the Red Bull team who lied about a family emergency back home in France? He left the states and headed back and was seen at the World Cup. I do hope they never let him play again on the US team. That’s just wrong.

    France is out. hahah


  17. jim – you awake, dude? wake up! :)

    aimee – i love you and you KNOW your football!

    mihow – germany was an underdog and we’re nice people. a lot nicer than the french (sorry to everyone french here, i’m SURE there are exceptions) and also, klinsmann deserves to win with this team, especially after everything that went on beforehand with even the german football league giving him shit about how he was doing his job.

    i say portugal & germany in the final and germany wins :)


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