Brooklyn Bombshells Vs. Queens of Pain

On Friday, Leggs Luthor (aka Anna) hooked us up with press passes to the Gotham Girls Roller Derby bout between the Queens of Pain and The Brooklyn Bombshells. It was amazing. Leggs Luthor broke the record for most points scored during a jam. (I think her total was 12, a shutout.) I know I’m slightly biased because, well, it’s Anna but I really felt that she stole the show last night. Leggs was outstanding.

I dealt with some growing pains using the new camera (trying to figure out how it performs under low light, at 1600, etc.) but everything ended up OK. I see a new flash in the distant future.

Here are some images from the bout. There are 31 more over on Flickr. Please stop by.

This is Suzy Hotrod. This woman has the most amazing body I have ever seen in real life. It’s inspirational. Her arm muscles are fantastic. She’s got great hips. She makes me want to hit the gym 8 days a week.

This is Donna Matrix She has a great name. Some other favorites: Hyper Lynx (her number is 404 – made me giggle), Anne Phetamean, Penny Larceny Lil Red Terror, and, of course, Leggs Luthor.

Below, we have Rolletta Lynn who took a fall during the first half and got pretty banged up. We do hope that she’s OK.

Last night, after we left, I couldn’t help but come up with names should I ever find I’m hot enough to be on a Roller Derby team. I came up with a few: Die Anna, Loosey Lips, and Betty Rage. A girl can dream, right?

Again, there are 31 more over here.


  1. did you and toby both go?

    i spoke to gerry about it on thurday.. i wantd to go too.


  2. My female alter ego is Mega Bette.


  3. Holy smokes those girls kick ass. If I ever have a daughter, I am raising her entirely on roller derby in hopes that she won’t turn out wimpy like me. I’ll be all, “What do you say to a boy who asks you out,” and she’ll be all, “Nothing, cause I’ll be too busy ripping his liver out with my bare hands,” and I will be like, “Good answer.”


  4. I would be so good at that! I used to
    be pretty good on roller skates and I
    have a passion for kicking ass!!


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