TMI? Too Bad.

About a month and a half ago, I started to load up on vitamins. Tobyjoe helped me to decide what to take, how often, why I should take them, and how many. I’ve been doing so diligently every day. (While we’re discussing schedules and sticking to them, I have flossed everyday since visiting the dentist as well. I may have reportedly high cholesterol and high blood pressure but my teeth are simply divine.)

I take one vitamin C (with rose hips) every day. I take three prenatal. I take one milk thistle and one NAC. I don’t really know what each of them actually do for me but I trust Tobyjoe. Plus, I am holding them accountable for my stable moods and energy level as of late.

Anyway, the weirdest part about the new vitamin regiment is this:

Never, ever, ever in my life have I had fingernails, Sure, every once in a while one will grow like a wild hair but it immediately peels apart or breaks off. I have certainly never had them long enough to paint them not once but twice in a row. (That’s right. They were red for a weekend, silver/blue a week before that.)

Plus, they apparently make excellent scratching tools.

I have experienced a few changes in my intestines, but I’m led to believe that’s entirely separate from all the vitamins. I would go into that on here, but Tobyjoe would most certainly file for a divorce even though I didn’t for his having purchased these:

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my GP to find out once and for all about this whole high cholesterol situation. I’m also going to ask him about the intestinal situation. And before everyone gets all “STINKY MIHOW” on me, this is not about gas. I can assure you. It’s about small palpitations. I think I have IBS. It’s either that or a drummer has moved into my body.

In July, I have an appointment with an OBGYN to discuss stuff about things. We’ll see. Here’s to good health.


  1. What is NAC and what is it for?
    What is milk thistle for?

    I can’t even discuss the teal rubber clogs.


  2. Tobyjoe just gave me another very thurough description of what they are all used for. Once he returns from the gym, hopefully he won’t mind doing that again on here. I would, but I come of sounding a lot more retarded than he does with these things.

    Not a fan of the clogs, Nico? ;]


  3. Oh, but I will say this much, NAC is apparently the most amazing vitamin on Earth. It seems to work wonders on the body. I am happy that Tobyjoe is a whore for research.

    He’ll be here soon without the house clogs.


  4. We’ll see if he is forthcoming now that I made fun of his shoes.


  5. Those clog people are like a cult. Kyra and Michael have them and Michael pretty much had me talked into gettting a pair. When I tried some on I came to my senses pretty quick. They made my skinny white lady ankles look even worse. Please tell me Toby does not wear his out of the house.

    Hope you get a check plus at the Doctor’s today!


  6. Donald, Kyra AND Michael? Oh dear! See, as much as I might like to try them out if they are really that comfy, they will surely make my feet stink beyond humanly belief. My feet sweat. I can’t wear anything this air tight. No way, no how.


  7. what about those Croc sandals- they got the breathing holes..
    I keep on thinking of getting them in dark green. I hold myself back- “granola” is what the foot fashion police tell me I will become.


  8. I wear pachouli. I have nothing against granola. These, however, seem more like space shoes or something.


  9. Glad to hear your jock itch is under control.


  10. I know where you live.

    Also, I didn’t know these Crocs were so freaking popular! Tobyjoe purchased his last weekend at Whole Foods. Weird. Then, i saw that Jon over on Flickr posted a shot of his news hoes. Hence, the inspiration for the photo above. However, EVERYONE seems to be buying these things. What up?


  11. here is to your good health mihow!


  12. The Crocs I got are what a great number of chefs wear in the kitchen. They’re for our house only due to the fact that there is CONSTANTLY cat litter all over the place, and I hate stepping on grit, and also because they’re really comfy for standing around, cooking (I’ve been cooking a lot lately), etc. So all of you can just suck it.

    NAC and milk thistle are to help our livers keep up with our regular and fairly heavy drinking.

    NAC is a precursor to glutathione, which is the most important antioxidant in your body, IMO.

    The liver is really curious. Many innocuous chemicals are metabolised into highly toxic compounds. Glutathione immediately neutralizes those toxic compounds. Daily drinking depletes glutathione and leaves your liver vulnerable to scores of compounds. A good example is acetaminophen (Tylenol). A small amount of it is metabolized into NAPQI, which is a fucking TERRIBLE chemical that just shreds your liver cells. Glutathione neutralizes NAPQI instantly, before it can do any damage. Anyone who drinks should wait at least five days before taking Tylenol, and should wait at least five days after taking Tylenol before drinking again.

    One of the very, very bad metabolites of ethanol is acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is to blame for the majority of damage to the liver, and the compound most implicated in cirrhosis.

    NAC boosts glutathione, which helps get rid of acetaldehyde, and milk thistle contains silymarin, which is a compound that prevents the metabolism of ethanol into acetaldehyde.

    Primarily, those two are for booze. They both have lots of additional benefits, though. NAC is great for your respiratory system if you suffer in any way from thick mucus (even if you don’t notice it) and chelates heavy metals (mercury!) to help remove them from your body.

    These aren’t kooky homeopathic voodoo supplements, either.

    Silymarin is used widely to treat alcoholic liver damage and to help detox from alcohol poisoning in Europe. NAC is the treatment for acetaminophen overdose worldwide, and is prescribed for respiratory illnesses.

    The vitamin C is just a twice-weekly antioxidant.

    Most importantly, though – suck it. Crocs rule.


  13. We’re apparently a couple of drunks.

    AA works as well.


  14. Here is some more on NAC

    NAC may assist to break down mucus and used in the treatment of bronchitis – for this reason it is used as an inhalant in hospitals in the treatment of bronchitis. It assists the body in synthesizing glutathione and helps to protect the body from acetaminophen (the ingredient in Tylenol).

    When more may be required

    People with bronchitis, emphysema, infected HIV or busy with chemotherapy might find benefit from this nutrient.

    Food sources of NAC

    Cysteine, the amino acid from which NAC is derived, is found in most high-protein foods.


  15. This site gives an FAQ

    This might be the culprit behind my intestinal problem, actually. It has given people heartburn and belly aches.


  16. I’ll pick some NAC up. Thanks.


  17. Tobyjoe is right. We do drink a lot. Too much. I consider it one of my biggest weaknesses.

    NAC will hopefully fix my liver so that I can feel better about having a healty baby.


  18. You baby should be fine as long as you don’t do any kegstands while pregnant.


  19. hahahhaha

    I haven’t ever even done one of those NOT pregnant.

    Perhaps I’ll try one tonight.


  20. you should definately add kegstands to the list of things to not try during pregnancy.


  21. yes, keg stands during pregnancy are the #1 cause of frat boys.


  22. Man, I am so going to start taking that NAC stuff. Perhaps THIS is TMI, but I have mucus that drives me nuts! I’m always clearing my throat and it’s worse when I lay (lie?) down. It’s not cool when you wake up trying to clear your throat. I thought maybe it was dairy that was causing it so I cut way down, but I still have the problem. I’m getting some NAC this weekend! Thanks, Mihow!


  23. My pleasure, Camille. My vitamin plan has done wonders on my mood, my energy level, and my fingernails. :] It helps!


  24. Wow,
    You New Yorkers are really slacking. We’ve been seeing those things for at least a year. I got my bright blue clogs a year ago then everyone had them. Vu has had a pair for a year for work. They do rock.
    That fact that they are hideous counted as a plus to me! I thought they were the oddest looking shoes ever.


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