NYC Tattoo Convention

Tobyjoe and I checked out the New York City Tattoo Convention today. It was pretty outstanding. A New York City favorite, Adorned had a booth who is the most likely candidate to complete my tattoo. Fly Rite and Mike Rubendall were there as well. There were tattoo artists from all over the world, actually. I just didn’t manage to get all their names. (But you can find them all here)

Here are a couple of pictures. You may also see them all by clicking here
(Takes you to Flickr.)

I watched this Asian gent work on this woman for a while. And then Tobyjoe and I decided to walk around for a bit.

Hours later, I managed to come around right as he was finishing her up.

There were several Japanese artists there who were practicing the Tebori technique (or Irezumi). Wikipedia has a pretty in depth description

Here is a picture I took while watching a woman have one done on her ankle.

I have to admit, I was pretty schmitten with this technique. But, man, did it seem a little painful.

Later, they had a tattoo contest. This particular lovely lady was one of the contestants for the full body tattoo.

Again, there are a lot more here
(Takes you to Flickr.)

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