Time Enough at Last!

Replace “henpecked bookworm” with “henpecked computer geek”. Swap Burgess Meredith with Tobyjoe Boudreaux and you have yourself one heck of a modern day remake.

not my shot

It’s underground, people.


  1. “When the Apple Store, Fifth Avenue, opens it will stay open 24/7/365, so we can help you around the clock. To celebrate our new store, we’re giving away an amazing new MacBook every hour for 24 hours straight*. And the first 2,500 customers receive a commemorative T-shirt. Please join us Friday, for the first of many all-nighters.”

    The 24/7 was just a rumor that the people at the SantaMonica store told me when I got my ipod fixed there last year. But damn. Free macbook? I’m going at 4am on Friday.


  2. I can’t freaking believe that. Incredible.


  3. Now, my title makes sense on like 3 levels, dude.


  4. Damn! You can get a MacBook???? I went to the opening day at the Mac store here in San Fran and all I got was a lousy T-shirt!!!!! All the more reason for me to move back East again! :o)


  5. Mr. Steve is gonna be there as well. Nuts.

    P.S. Judging by my email, I get a sinking feeling no one has any what in the hell I’m refering to in this post.


  6. Congrats.

    I can’t believe that Salt Lake beat NY to the punch on an Apple store (is this the first one in NY?). I’ve only been once and it was draining. I suggest a healthy supply of water, or better yet Gatoraid.


  7. This is a fancy new flagship thats open 24/7

    Its the second one in manhattan – there’s one in soho thats always crowded.

    There are a bunch in the suburbs.


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