I’ll Trade You My Rove For Your Warner.

Recently, Bush was interviewed by a German newspaper. He was asked what his best moment was in the five years of his presidency. Bush answered: “I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5-pound perch in my lake,” The worst, he said, was September 11th.

It’s a little weird for him to give this particular answer. But I can’t say I’m surprised. Somewhere along the line, The Decider actually stopped surprising me. His answer was weird. But the even weirder part is that this would mean he claims to have broken the world record for catching the largest perch. So, did he lie about it? Or did he mean to say a 7.5 pound bass? Did King George, in fact, set the world record?

I can’t decide if it’s that this time I’m paying closer attention to the political environment here in America, or if what I’m about to say is indeed true, but it seems to me that this particular administration has been surrounded by corruption, arrogance, and a whole bunch of vital mistakes. It seems there has been a heightened number of resignations and a heightened number of vacant seats being filled. Most recently, Bush nominated Michael V. Hayden to be the next CIA director. Many people, Democratic, Republican, and Conservative, are irked by this decision. I stand among the irked.

I’m sure that I’m merely at an age where it’s best to pay attention. In a sense, the political arena has become my sporting event; I am excited about current affairs, the state of our nation, and I enjoy keeping up with the news. I consider myself a Democrat. And while the Democratic Party is by no means a flawless group, I’m happy to be on that team, more so now than ever before.

This parallel falls apart, however, when one faces actual reality. Because at the end of the day, it’s not a matter of someone losing by a few baskets or scoring a couple of runs, it’s not about collecting the cards; it’s about citizens losing their rights. It’s about disregarding the Constitution of the United States. And some of the players are turning out to be the greediest and the deadliest.

But, for some, it’s still about catching a fish.


  1. i just looked up perch sizes. it seems very uncommon for people to find a perch more than 3lbs. not impossible, just very uncommon.

    you’d think if he could find a 7.5lb perch in his lake, he’d have the luck to find weapons of mass destruction in iraq.

    whenever i get upset by political stuff, i just visit this website: http://perkel.com/


  2. That’s one massive Perch, eh?

    Another example of the scariness that is this Administration.

    CNN Story


  3. It troubles me that it was the OPR that was going to do the review—the Justice dept is still the Executive branch

    what we need is to use this crazy thing called checks and balances. i know our representatives don’t really like that idea, constantly giving up their rights to do so—but i kinda feel its more like a responsibility that can’t be given up. call me crazy. but i’m blaming hillary in part on this.


  4. Alright, I’ll ask, how the hell do I use links on the comments section here? I just tried and nothing happened.

    I suck. I can’t even work my own damb Web site.

    Jon, Hillary? Really? Not that I disagree, but explain, please.


  5. I agree sister. Reality is sorely lacking in our perception of the world- and the media feeeeeeeds on it like a hungry wolverine on a 7.5 lb perch.

    You are wise my friend.


  6. Personally I still want to hear Tony Snow’s band perform in the Press room. I think that would ROCK!
    Rock and roll as the demonstration of our political power.


  7. It ain’t noise pollution

    It ain’t gonna die.


  8. She voted yes on the Patriot Act and yes on the President having carte blanche to invade iraq

    I won’t go into my beliefs on the consititionality/validity or the moral values of either… but I’ll stick to the obvious:

    The Patriot Act gave up legislative and judicial oversight of the executive branch

    The carte blanch vote gave up the congressional oversight on war powers.

    The Justice department is part of the executive branch – I’m not saying that they can’t do a fair and balanced assesment – I’m sure there are plenty of good people there who would be a whistleblower if given the chance.

    What I am saying is that the culture in DC over the past few years has been “just say no to ‘checks and balances’”. Its not the executive branch’s job to check itself (though its nice when they do)—its the legislative and judicial branch’s responsibility to do that.

    OPR shouldn’t have been the ones doing a review, congress should have. So i blame hillary for helping create and foster this system.


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  10. its awesome how even toby coudln’t get it right


  11. It’s right. It worked. What are you talking about?


  12. he had to edit it… it was a link , not instructions, earlier


  13. Yeah, my 5-second typo was AWESOME and AMAZING.

    You’re a weird fucking kid, Jon.


  14. doesn’t everyone lie about fishing? isn’t that what a fish story is?


  15. Most people say “You’re a fucking weird kid, Jon.”

    But you’re just figuring that out?


  16. You bring up an excellent point, keith.

    The Old Man and the Sea, eh? Didn’t he do that? Or was it that everyone thought he had done that because that’s what people do, they lie about the size of their fish they caught when nobody else was looking.


  17. Maybe he lied about fishing to distract people from the Weapons Of Mass Destruction


  18. Perhaps the weapons were hidden in that massive Perch.


  19. Perhaps the perch was poised, ready to attack

    Bush didn’t catch that fish for sport, he caught it to save American lives!


  20. You mean a Perch wasn’t perched on weapons of mass destrcution?

    I smell a rat.


  21. it’s a fish story. never believe a fish story.


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