As of this afternoon, our beloved sky-bridges have been destroyed.

For those who aren’t from Brooklyn, or who haven’t ever even been here before, the waterfront has been featured in numerous films throughout the years. Its architecture looks like something out of a train set. Its buildings have served as inspiration for many, many artists through the years. It has served as a backdrop time and time again.

Several years ago, when Tobyjoe and I had first met, we used to stomp around over there. I’d snap pictures as we walked. Like countless others, I fell in love with that section of Greenpoint. What some may deem ugly and run down, used to relax me greatly. It also reminds me of my history with Tobyjoe. I’m actually feeling kind of blue about its demise. I know that sounds silly but I grew used to it.

Bye-bye beautiful bridges. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of it’s destroyed as well making room for ugly, million dollar condos that all look the same. Sometimes, capitalism really, really sucks.

  • Little boxes on the hillside,
  • Little boxes made of ticky-tacky,
  • Little boxes, little boxes,
  • Little boxes, all the same.
  • There’s a green one and a pink one
  • And a blue one and a yellow one
  • And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
  • And they all look just the same.
  • And the people in the houses
  • All go to the university,
  • And they all get put in boxes,
  • Little boxes, all the same.
  • And there’s doctors and there’s lawyers
  • And business executives,
  • And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
  • And they all look just the same.

Meanwhile, Guttman’s tenants at 50 Bridge Street prepare to sue the pants off him.


  1. did you get my im with this yesterday?

    interactive map


  2. Hi Michele,

    The bridges look cool. I was wondering why were they built. Were they pedways so people didn’t have to walk in the cold of winter…just curious.



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