The Sopranos Are The New Kennedys

Yesterday, James Gandolfini was hit by a taxi while out riding his Vespa. He’s OK but the Vespa needs a little work.

Over the weekend, John Ventimiglia was arrested for driving drunk and cocaine possession. Here I am thinking, “Oh! So that’s why he’s been acting like an ass lately!” (It’s a TV show, Michele.)

The actor who plays Artie Bucco marks the forth actor from that show in one year to get arrested. Cursed? I think so!

Who’s next? Speaking of The Sopranos, I wonder who’s going to be the one to take out the gay gangster.


  1. Don’t forget that the ‘Muscles Marinara’ dude got busted for breaking into some gal’s house recently. Last year he stole a shirt from a lame store here in Soho and beat up the guards when they caught him.


  2. There’s a course at the University of Calgary that is all about The Sopranos. Just heard that on TV last night so I thought I’d ring in.


  3. I can’t visualize James Gandolfini on a scooter. It’s like Chris Farley’s “big guy in a little coat” song from Tommy Boy.

    Toby – be careful on your Vespa!


  4. Nora, I agree. Everytime I think of Mario Batali on his scooter it cracks me up. Big guy + tiny motorcycle = funny.


  5. mihow—remember that property I told you about that my… (friend)… was selling? You seemed curious about it for a second—then you said it was too far away from your job? (Not that it couldn’t be a weekend getaway.) Well, apparently, Jim Gandolfini is interested. Do you regret not buying it now? Maybe Jim will let you visit.


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