It Was More Like a Scorch.

How do you feel about the speech Stephen Colbert gave Bush the other night? Did you find it funny? Offensive?

I’m curious to hear people’s reactions. If you haven’t seen it, you may do so here. It’s entirely worth it. (The last 10 minutes were kind of lame, in my opinion.)


  1. I think it was just fine. Implying that making tasteful jokes (nothing crass or gross) about issues that are in the news every day is disrespectful implies that elected officials should be treated with kid gloves. I believe the opposite. Elected officials should be open to scrutiny and should be forced to account for their actions. If the general press won’t pressure the President to answer questions when they speak with him, I’m glad someone will.

    If I were to have my way, I’d require open and lengthy debates periodically – at least annually – with unfiltered questions coming from the public. Purely rhetorical answers or outright dodging would be banned…

    It’s about time someone stopped treating the President like the king he thinks he is.


  2. I should have said, ‘If the general press won’t pressure the President to answer questions when they speak with him, I’m glad someone will at least point out the issues.’


  3. Absolutely.

    So would you say it was very much obvious that Bush was uneasy about the whole thing? Also, how did he get “approved?” And is someone fired now?

    I thought it was wonderful. Any uneasiness I felt was born entirely out of the fact that a lot of was true and simply needed to be said by someone.

    He must have big balls. To do that in front of someone at all! And then to have that someone be the freaking President! Wow.



  4. After Bush’s insulting and pathetic stunt last time around (crawling around his office looking for WMDs), he deserved at least a good roasting.


  5. That was truly one of the most tasteless, most unfunny, most obscene things I have ever seen. How does someone get away with that? Meanwhile, thousands of people are being killed (including American soldiers for all you Middle Eastern haters out there) because of his claims about WMDS.

    How dare him. Who approved that?


  6. Clinton approved the WMD info – it was obtained on his watch. It was his CIA info that had all the Dems as well on the side of “We have to do something.” Not to mention the crawling around the office he did. And you talk about tasteless and obscene for this president. BTW, yesterday could have been a great day. Where the hell were all the Cowboys when you needed them? When I was young they would come galloping to the rescue in all the movies. Yesterday, they could have simply herded all those people “protesting” right back across the border where they belong. Then we could all get back to speaking English, cutting our own grass, and cleaning up after ourselves.


  7. What is the shelf-life of a blowjob?


  8. I assume the moral of the Clinton reference is that once any president screws up, all are allowed to screw up? Clinton shouldn’t be mentioned, because Nixon screwed up. And before that…

    I think we have to hold our leaders accountable.

    And I’m with you about returning all this land to the Native Americans, by the way!


  9. “And I’m with you about returning all this land to the Native Americans, by the way!”



  10. I wish they’d showed Bush’s face while Colbert was sticking it to him.

    My understanding is that Colbert was booked by the current president of the Whitehouse Press Corps, a guy from AP, not anyone from the administration.


  11. > Clinton approved the WMD info

    When officials and analysts said they believed the information was suspect and erroneous, it wasn’t Clinton who ignored/suppressed those reports , then claimed they were without error and used them to start a war.

    > Not to mention the crawling around the office he did.
    I could be wrong about this. But I’m pretty sure Clinton had his intern do the crawling on the floor, while Bush has been pretty happy crawling along the bottom of the barrel with his low-life scum pals Ken Lay and Tom Delay.


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  14. Mihow, thanks for posting about this on your site. I had no idea that Colbert was doing this. I remember when they used to have this annual meeting in DC. My sister used to live across the street from what we used to call the “Hinkley Hilton” where it was held. We used to see tons of limos all sort of famous people going to the dinner.
    Anyway, I just watched the speech on line. Wow. He seriously was brave to speak the truth. I have to agree with Katie though. I really wish they would have cut to Bush every so often just to see his reaction. I guess they were afraid of what they would have seen had they did.


  15. just watched and i thought it was hysterical! i’m not sure why anyone would find it offensive? from what i’ve heard, the president has a great sense of humor and i don’t see much here that would be taken too seriously. that being said, i’d guess the presidents reaction to this kind of thing in a joking way is much better received than his typical day in the press where they are just straight up out for blood. i’d guess he had a laugh……..but if he didn’t….fuck him if he can’t take a joke!


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