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My dearest, most lovely, most amazing, and talented friend, Soung, eloped on January 10th. It was a Tuesday, otherwise, I would have been there. Damn you people for eloping on a Tuesday!

(When it’s central, so essential)

I met Soung when I was 18. We lived together in college. Katrina introduced us. Soung was the person who got me into Graphic Design (I should be thanking her for that, right?) I spent many late nights drinking wine, playing cards, and smoking cigarettes with Soung. I spent many late nights getting to know her. She’s wonderful. And I feel very lucky. And every time she calls I still get butterflies. She’s inspiring. She’s beautiful. And she’s smart. Plus, she has a great laugh.

(It has a nice ring when you laugh.)

This is the woman, who, while I was living in England, sent me E.E. Cumming poems written on the back of whatever paper product she had in her hand at the time. And every time I got one, my mood would change from homesick-ridden sadness to joy. (It’s the little things, people.) She gave me hugs when I got dumped. She got me drunk during times of celebration. She laughed at me when I fell from a roof. She drove me to studio after a quick shower and two all-nighters. She sat up with me and talked about boys, and music, and ideas, and movies, and boycotts, and sex, and drugs, and sadness. She taught me how to use my first Mac. She gave me a place to live when I moved to D.C. She got me my first job there. She let me sleep next to her after Katrina died.

(So drunk in the August sun and you’re the kind of girl I like.)

Truthfully, the world is a much better place with her in it and it’s an even better place because I know that she’s here.

(Because you’re empty. And I’m Empty. And you can never quarantine the past.)

Oh, and her husband? He ain’t so bad either. ;]

My goodness, I wish I could have been there to see it happen. I was there when they met 13 whatever years ago, so that’s good enough for me. Plus, there’s a party to celebrate their marriage in July! Woo!

Anyway, she finally got around to uploading some pictures of the wedding. You may see them here.


  1. You tryna make me cry beeyotch! Who is that person you’re talking about? I want to meet her.


  2. haha

    I’m trying to get you back for eloping in the middle of the week! Who does that? It’s almost as bad as someone flying to Canada to do it!


  3. Hey, old lady – we DROVE to Canada.


  4. But we flew to Detroit!


  5. I’m a little bitter about the eloping shit, myself.
    I am still plotting my revenge so………..


  6. Mihow, welcome to the Disappointed Elopement Support Group – weâ


  7. oooh, snap. scbob, mihow kinda had that coming to her, didn’t she? :)

    congratulations, soung!


  8. I did ask for that. I did.


  9. hip hip horray….hugs and smooches all around. : )


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