Stunt Foiled!

Many people have probably already heard or read about the daredevil named Ray Corliss, host of “Stunt Junkies” on the Discovery Channel, who tried to parachute off the Empire State Building yesterday.

Police say Corliss is a master of disguise. He allegedly came to the Empire State Building dressed as an overweight tourist, stripped down in the men’s room and took a flying leap over the observation deck

Apparently, the American obesity epidemic helped in letting this man slip by security concealing a camera, a parachute, a helmet and the rest of his gear. Luckily, however, someone had tipped off police earlier so he was stopped from actually finishing the jump. I find it a little strange that he was able to take the fat suit off and prepare himself. He was also able to climb OVER the railing before they stopped him. Couldn’t it have been stopped sooner? I keep picturing that scene from Austin Powers where the cop is about an hour from being crushed by a steamroller but continues to scream anyway.

But here’s my bigger question: How are we doing on the whole home security front? If a guy can purchase fat suit and sneak by security guards wearing a parachute and a camera and be gain access into one of the most famous buildings in the world, even after said stunt had been tipped off to police, clearly we’re not doing our job to protect America.

But at least he gave a bunch of overweight tourists something to talk about.


  1. You should see the picture of the fatsuit and him in it. Its not like a cheap thing – its way hollywood special effects style.

    From the eyewitness reports, he kinda just walked out onto the deck and was immediately over the fence.

    I think its kind of amazing the security guards caught him: they’re not really the brightest / most motivated people out there.


  2. They were probably taken aback by the fact that a tourist wasn’t 40 pounds or more overweight.


  3. no one needs to convince me that we all are nothing but a fat ‘accident’ (terrorist’s wet dream) waiting to happen… as a whole (with exceptions, yes), we’re entirely too preoccupied with attaining material items to build our self of self image, instead of relying on healthy relationships with one another, via friends and family and social courtesy/considerations. Consumerism, alive and well in America (and a whole lotta ignorance)!


  4. Annejelynn, I don’t think this is a uniquely American issue, nor is it a modern one. Hell, even Jesus preached about it (see Matthew 6:25-34). What IS notable is that many would say ours is a Christian nation, but as Michele has noted many times before, we rarely act like one. I sometimes think I act like a Christian more than others, and I’m Jewish!


  5. Why do it at the end of the week right before the weekend? This guy needs an agent to tell him to jump off of buildings on a Monday for maximum publicity.


  6. You know, last night I was thinking… was this all just a stunt to get people clued in on the Discovery show? Because, well, it’s working. And I know he was “outside the fence” and all that, and I’m sure he would have jumped had they not found him. But the weird thing is the police were clued in and he made sure it was primetime, etc.

    Thoughts? Would someone go to that length to get a show noticed?

    I mean, i have seen it on CSI but never in real life!


  7. If the US is a christian nation, i’d be willing to bet that Jesus is fucking glad he got crucified and didn’t stick around to see this.


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