Flickr,, and Scarlett Johansson

OK, so there are a few things I’d like to talk about today. First, I’m going to talk about Flickr. Then, I’ll bring up my pictures. Finally, I’ll talk about Scarlett Johansson and how she’s in my foyer again.

I like Flickr. I really do. At first, I wasn’t super keen on it. I remember writing as much a year or so ago. I didn’t quite “understand” how it worked and I didn’t particularly like the design/layout of it. Now, I think I get it, although, I do still get confused. For example, I am still uncertain about how “Groups” work. Also, I don’t really fully understand how tagging works. I understand what tagging is, but I’m not sure how it works on there. Also, I’m not crazy about how the organization system works. Yesterday, for example, I was rearranging some of my sets and I hit the back button for some stupid reason and everything I had done was gone. I didn’t try again. I just gave up, frustrated.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that the only reason Flickr is so super huge is because everyone uses it because there really is nothing else out there. That’s not to say it’s not superb, believe me, I get carried away when I’m over there and by carried away I mean, I find I move from one person to another until I’m lost in photographs. It’s like traveling without leaving one’s computer. But Flickr frustrates me as well. And just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

My free year Pro account recently lapsed. I was told, “Pay up!” I did so without even a second thought. It’s only 24 bucks a year, after all. The thing is I want my images to appear LARGER than they do there, at least sometimes. I know they host my images, and there is only so much space one can use, but if I’m paying them, why not allow us to show ‘em bigger? Perhaps I need a photoblog now that I have been reunited with photography for the 1100th time.

I guess I want more somehow. Plus, a lot of people from here don’t actually go there. I’m not sure why, but people really don’t like to click. I can’t say I do either. I very rarely click links from someone else’s Web site. I’ve admitted to as much before. The thing is, with photographs, I really do want to show them to people sometimes. It became very clear to me yesterday that this site’s foundation was built entirely on photographs. I began it to document my commute. Why run away from that now?

All that said, for now – for a little while – I think I’m going to showcase photographs like I used to. (Hopefully, scrolling doesn’t annoy anyone out there.) In the past, I would post a 325×218 thumbnail, which was clickable. If one were to click that image, a 700×469 JPG would show up overtop one’s browser. Sometimes, I’d make them larger, sometimes smaller. Anyway, I think I may try that again. Any feedback or criticism would be superb. I will continue to upload (sometimes different) images to Flickr as well.

So, here are some images. If you click on them, they will enlarge and you won’t be leaving here at all.

Here is Gerry:

This is a glass of wine:

We were informed today via the company Intranet that they’re to begin filming The Nanny Diaries in the subway terminal below our building and throughout Grand Central Station. This isn’t the first time they went and closed down that particular Subway terminal in order to shoot. I think P Diddy had it closed down for a video last year. This time, however, it’s going to feature none other than Scarlett Johansson. A coworker and I are planning on crashing the party. That woman will not leave me alone!

Let it rip.


  1. Michele,

    I am always tantalized to go to Flickr to view your shots but Flickr is blogged over here.

    I imagine tons of dirty pics plastered everywhere overthere.

    When I try to I get a “you are forbidden…”
    It’s a virtual tsk tsk!



  2. the wizard has surfaced!


  3. Meghan, I had no idea!

    OK, so it’s an ok thing to do this? You’re down with this crime? That’s very good information. I had no idea!


  4. Umm i meant blocked not blogged.


  5. I understood, my dear.

    P.S. Aimee, if you’re reading this, someone left this retro comment. I thought you might be interested.

    “YES to cashews and itchy anus!!!! My wife and I made the connection several months
    ago and stayed away from them since. However, we shared a small can about 3 days
    ago and the itch is back. The over-counter benadryl capsule I took about 2 hrs ago
    is finally providing some relief.”

    That is all. ;]


  6. You’re not supposed to consume cashews that way. I know the curve is tempting, but come on, folks – USE YOUR MOUTHS!


  7. Hi, My name is Sarah and I’m a clicker.

    I will always click the links if they are given from a blogger I adore/trust. And I enjoy perusing Flickr for the community of it…the comments we leave for each other, how it shows me when my contacts add new photos…I can spend far too long on there.
    And Scarlet is going to be in Grand Central Station soon? For how long? I lust for her. I mean I love her.


  8. I feel a t-shirt coming on. Seriously, though, a lot of people just don’t click. Even gerry last night told me, “yeah, I saw you put up pictures, but I didn’t actually look at them.”


  9. I’m a Flickr Clickr too!

    I love the ceiling at Grand Central. Do you ever go to the bar in there, The Campbell Apartment? It’s swank.


  10. we use wordpress. it’s free. but then we’re cheap—everything on our blog costs us rien.


  11. Great stuff with the new camera! I don’t know anything about photography, but the brunette girl’s hair against her blue sweater in the wineglass is real purdy. Maybe it’s just spring, but the colours look amazing in all these.

    Seems you’ve got a nice people series going on, too. I like how catch people. Anyway. don’t mean to gush.


  12. were you guys at the gate?


  13. No! Spoiten Doysomethingor other. I hate that name because I can’t ever spell it.


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