Day Two With The Nikon D200

I haven’t ever had much luck with digital cameras. I either had trouble with the color, the quality of the images (sharpness, etc), or the speed at which the camera was able to capture them. No camera I used seemed to capture the look of film and I grew up using only film. I tried RAW files with my Pro1 and that was a disaster. The images were always unbelievably noisy. It was as if the camera tried too hard. (Click the image to see more of a wet Manhattan.)

This camera comes closest to a using film. It’s an SLR, so that helps. Plus, it actually takes the picture when I press the button. Go figure. Over lunch, I stepped out to get some Bryant Park shots and was quite pleased with how they turned out. This also marks my first attempt at using the RAW 3.3 plug-in for Photoshop CS2. It’s outstanding. I can’t wait to get some time tonight to play around some more. But I really need to do something about how timid I am with a camera.


  1. Congratulations!
    I have the cheaper more plastic-y D70. I love it, and using RAW. When it dies, I’ll probably get the D200. At work they have gone through 4 digital cameras now, all different brands, all garbage—all in the $500+ range.

    They work well with infrared filters as well, if you have an interest in that.


  2. I was a slow convert to Digital even the SLR. But I had to do some digital classes for my school and so I bought a Nikon D70. I am in love with this camera. It is so very much better than I hoped. I am looking forward to upgrading to the D200 but I am going to have to wait. Beautiful pictures.


  3. Yeah, I am totally diggin’ the RAW. I hated it with my Pro1.

    I just did the math over at Old Man Sounds, Tobyjoe and I now have 12 cameras between the two of us. That’s insane. Granted, most of my 8 are oldies (but goodies!) and two of them are 8 MM film cameras, but still! Nuts.

    Maybe we should sell a few….


  4. I bought a digital camera for Henry for his 10th birthday. Not an SLR, but something that can teach him some basic composition. The kid has a pretty good eye, so I figured I’d encourage him. He took some good shots in DC over Easter weekend.

    Pippy, of course, we completely jealous. In a few weeks my company will be releasing a “kid tough” digital camera that’s ideal for a 5 yea-old. I’m going to pick one up for her (in pink!). I’ll wait to see if Owen throws a fit before I buy one for him.


  5. Does CS2 strip out the EXIF data? Being extremely geeky/nosey it would be great to see the shooting details in Flickr.


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