Volvo Inspection Day: Take Two

The inspection on my 30-year-old car expired on January 30th. I took it to a place on McGuinness a few months ago and they failed it. The guy at Two Guys said (and I quote), “No one in their right mind will pass this car.” And then he told us it would cost us 1500 dollars to have it pass inspection. He tried to convince us to leave it there so he could “fix” it. We left. Later, we realized that he didn’t FAIL the car either. He didn’t even charge us for the hour and a half of “inspecting” he put in to it. When we began to think about the situation a little more we began to wonder if he was indeed trying to scam us. There’s not a doubt in my mind that he was.

We took it to another place this weekend and it passed. It runs perfectly fine. And that guy at Two Guys on McGuinness Boulevard can suck it.


  1. That is great news!

    I love a happy ending.


  2. Me too! I was putting off another inspection as I figured that once I actually had it done, they would tell me the car was terminal. What I don’t know won’t hurt me, right? Total state of denial.

    I’m happy I still have the beautiful thing.


  3. I love your car!!! I used to have a new S40 while I was working in Europe for Swedes.
    Great car/cars.


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