Gothamist Picks up Cool-Props. Some Hate It.

So, Jake Dobkin of Gothamist fame linked to Cool Props. (The Morning News linked to it last year before it had a real home. Pretty cool. Can’t wait until summer.)

I told Tobyjoe the moment it went up, I would stay clear of the comments section as Gothamist (while totally awesome), tends to have some of the meanest commenters around.

The good news is, I didn’t have to check back to see what people had to say about Cool-Props, Tobyjoe sent them to me. One of them was particularly awesome. I feel proud.

This is the worst news piece in the history of MANKIND!!!!!!!!! Gothamist is done for.

Apparently, Cool-Props has introduced Gothamist to its demise. Who knew weird AC props could bring out such rage? Who knew?


  1. Yay! You’re famous!! :-)
    Bringing out the rage in others on the Internet is a sure sign of success.

    P.S…waiting to hear about dates from my peeps and then I’ll let you know when we’ll be up there!


  2. so far you’ve got an 80% approval rating. i’d say that’s pretty good. and now i know not to get an air conditioner with more BTUs than my room can handle.


  3. I still haven’t gone over there. I am the biggest phucking fussy on the Internet. Really. It’s true.


  4. but didn’t jen say that? jen as in “The Gothamist” jen? i.e. she’s kidding?


  5. I’m pretty sure that the person’s name is one letter off from Jen’s. I have seen him/her before. They’re Jen Chang (or something) and not Jen Chung. I think.

    But, yeah, let’s go with that. It was a joke. ;]


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