On How Much Tobyjoe Rules and Our Plethora of Side Projects.

Every time someone updates their profile or signs up over at Self-Portrait Day their picture automatically moves to the top of the homepage. Which means that every time Tobyjoe and I have to go check something out, we must sign in and then our profile picture jumps to the top of the page. I have to admit, I’m kind of amazed at how many people I got coming in from that little Web site over the past week. I’m also really quite pleased with some of the people I have met on there after its re-launch. For example, I discovered Gravy Dave recently who lives in Raleigh and likes Indie Rock. Wojtek moved me with some amazing digital shots. (Don’t believe me? Click that link. I dare you.) And to think, I almost gave up on SPD at one point.

I actually get excited when a new name shows up in my RSS feed. And the best part about it is Tobyjoe and I built it. Sometimes, I have to say, that fact makes me feel really freaking proud.

We have other projects in the pipeline as well. One of which includes the redesign (from the guts outward) of mihow.com. (Good things are coming this site’s way, for sure.) We’re going to build it together using Rails.

There’s I Hate Design which is slow moving, but I know I need to give it a little time. We have Spread whose only purpose if for people to discuss all things book related. It’s also slow moving, but I think that in time it’ll do all right. (I hope.) And this summer, a new season of Cool Props begins. I’ve already begun my searches. We purchased an actual URL for that project and I plan on designing that in the next couple of weeks. (Cool Props is dear to my heart.)

Our biggest project is yet to come. That one literally has me peeing my pants daily. I watch Tobyjoe work on it at night and my palms sweat with glee. I can’t wait until the day we can tear off the white sheet and scream VOILA!

Forgive me for this seemingly pompous post, but I think Tobyjoe deserves a big fat pat on the back for all his hard work. The other day, I was visiting Ms. Mia over at Mintjelly. She wrote:

heheh i was just reading Toby’s post about the Rails conference, and i was drooling. it’s all mad marketing too busy junk that i swear must be a better way to do. but i’m new here and not a back-end coder (so i appreciate what he’s saying, but can’t DO what he’s describing on my own. you married a mad genius.)

She’s right. I did.


  1. You and Toby are both crazy talented. I look forward to any projects you guys put out there.

    Although I’m too slow for I Hate Design. I need a remedial course.


  2. I like a nice viola too.


  3. Oh bloody hell. My name might be slightly french, but that’s all.


  4. well it’s true! you should be proud.


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