America, Land of the Scared?

In today’s NYT, there is an article on the front page saying that the Dubai Company plans to delay its new role in taking over 30 terminals in 18 countries.

Since Wednesday’s discussion here, I’ve been thinking. The conversation even continued Wednesday night while out for dinner with The Barbarian Group.

The New York Times Reports:

The reaction in the United States has occurred in no other country in the world

If this is true, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, why is it true? If there are 18 other countries that are a part of this deal, why are we the only country speaking out against it? What are we afraid of that the others are not? Are Americans racists as many people have said?

Before 9/11 I never paid much attention to transactions such as this one. Before Bush went to war with Iraq, I didn’t pay much attention to how we looked to the rest of the world, more specifically, the Arab world. Now, it’s different. Now, I’m much more political and much more aware. And, well, I do care about this transaction. It does make me feel a little edgy.

Are we, in fact, becoming more aware of whom we trust? And if you believe that, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Are we afraid of the Arab world or just more aware of our own?


  1. I think the reaction is what it is because of the hypercriticism of Bush, thanks to blogging among a sizeable, cynical, and vocal population watching every move Bush & co. make. Not that I’m arguing said criticism is wrong.


  2. See, I’m not so sure that’s true for me. I would have the same thought and fear had Kerry been President and suggested this deal.

    But I guess you could be right for some Americans.


  3. Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co., ALREADY runs major commercial operations at ports in Baltimore, Miami, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York and Philadelphia.

    People say they don’t want any foreign companies running out ports – but so many are right NOW – and nothing major has happened.


  4. So, generally speaking, Missy is probably right. We’re all just really cynical and ravenous toward the Bush Administration.


  5. It is about fear and about racism.
    I have to admit, sadly, that I had a complete racist reaction when I first heard the news about this. Now I see the media just feeding into the public’s racism and fear (and the fear feeds the racism, doesn’t it?).
    I would like to think I would not want any foreign company running our ports, but as Stacey has pointed out…they already do. Where was I? If that weren’t the case, and the news broke that some company in Belgium was taking over, I am embarrassed to say that I probably never would have noticed.


  6. See, that’s just it. Admitting to that doesn’t make you a bad person. As far as I’m concerned you’re merely honest enough to own up to it.

    The question is, if it is indeed true, that we’re all scared shitless of an Arab country taking over our ports, then what can we do AFTER admitting to such, to ease those fears.

    The first step is admitting we have a problem. The next step should be trying to fix said problem, get to the root of it.

    Isn’t it worse to hide how we feel and let it fester? Politically correctness is bullshit when it comes to trying to see that the world become a better, more peaceful, understanding place to live. If we keep denying how we feel and why we feel that way, we’re worse off.

    Screw the Politically Correct. If you’re afraid of an Arab country taking over our ports, more so than a Belgiun country, admit to it. It’s the only way we’ll see change.

    I’m an idealist. I know this ain’t possible.


  7. Wow, I should reread before posting. No one is “scared shitless”.

    Plus, I sound like some kind of know-it-all idealist freak. forgive.


  8. back to your comment mihow, about being ravenous and cynical about bush and the boys; (im gonna try and draw a parallel here) a week ago, after the cheney buckshot thing, a journalist tried to explain the press’ and the country’s enraged responses(over-reaction) to it (the shooting) being kept under wraps for 24 hours and he said, you know, i think the press corp is just tired of being pushed around and bullied by those guys(the white house). and i think thats how many people feel. and if his (bushies) statement yesterday, about not needing to worry about security werent such a doozy, well, maybe people would try to be a little less angry and vitriolic but you know, that ship has sailed. im just glad someone in dc has suggested an investigation into whether or not he is in fact, ‘impeachable.’ i think i’ll take one a them shirts now. please.


  9. Ah, yes, the t-shirts. I sold them all and am now a millionaire.

    Heather, check out the latest issue of Harper’s. There is a huge article called “Impeach Him.” It’s a good read.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, have blowjob Friday’s in the oval office for all I care, Bush needs to stop with all the secrecy and, with all due respect, lying.

    (P.S. Heather, I have several shirts with your name on them. You can have them all.) :]


  10. thanks for the tip.
    i was just scouring chinatown on my lunch break. (no not the goobers)but for something to read.
    got the new yorker instead. the cover would be funny, if the nightmare werent so real.
    i will be down soon to get the shirts.


  11. wait a damn second, are you in NY? If so, will we see your ass tonight?


  12. I’ve been avoiding political discussions here, but . . .

    I think one big part of why there is a lot of furor over this is that it’s a Bush administration decision, so a vocal part of American society is going to say that it is bad/wrong/evil/dooming us all to hell. They, not the Republican Senators or anyone else opposed to the deal, are what most people have heard, so what most people have heard has nothing to do with whether it’s practical or impractical. It’s something done under the authority of this guy who’s supposed to be simultaneously too stupid to tie his own shoes and clever enough to arrange all kinds of political and economic coups and, according to a lot of people who refuse to accept that their favorite Democrat would do anything for personal gain, does everything because there’s something in it for him.

    Anyway, I think that’s a lot of it. Bush’s name is associated with it. Because of that, a lot of loud people say that it’s bad.


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