Volvo Inspection Day

I received a ticket for an expired inspection on my 30-year-old car. Only, no one actually wrote out a ticket. Instead, I was paying another ticket online and discovered it. Great.

I paid it. Today, I’m taking it in to get inspected. Hopefully, they don’t try and rob my ass blind. Hopefully, I don’t have to sell the car. Hopefully, this is painless.


  1. Yeah, that sucked. FAILED.

    F A I L E D.


    I’m not sure what to do now.

    It would have cost me 1200 bucks had I left it there. Money, we don’t have right now. My uncle is willing to have a look at it and see if there’s anything he can do to fix it. He’s good like that.

    Apparently, the roters (front) need to be replaced as well as the power steering box needs to be rebuilt. and that’s JUST what will allow it to pass. There are other issues as well.

    We’re screwed.

    Another reason why sometimes I really, really hate New York City.

    F*ck Me!!!


  2. I feel like such a loser for loving these cars and buying them so old.

    But I can’t give them up. AURGH!


  3. There’s a gated parking lot on s1st and bedford. there might be one near you – you should toss it in one of those and pay a weekly/monthly fee so you don’t get a ticket.


  4. I am going to try another place tomorrow. THe more and more I thought about it, and the further I’m removed from the situation, I’m pretty sure that guy was trying to rip me off. Not that the car doesn’t need a lot of work, but it’s 10 times better than a lot of the shit people drive around here. My god.

    It’s a freaking Volvo for pete’s sake. Screw that guy.


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