The State of The Union: Real Time.

(If we don’t get too distracted as I am really naked, too.)

7:30 PM: Call Missy to see if she knows of a public place to watch the SOU.

7:35 PM: Stop in Mugs Ale House. Bartender laughs at my inquiry about whether or not it will be shown.

7:50 PM: Stop by Matchless. Woman says “I will if people want me to. But we’re not planning on it.”

7:53 PM: Stop by Enid’s. Enid’s has a large screen projection featuring Seinfeld. The staff and their two customers are awaiting American Idol (which will be followed by the State of the Union) Bartender actually laughs at Toby Joe and says, “I don’t want to watch that.”

8:15 PM: Call Daddy’s. Bartender says, “We weren’t planning on it, but we really should. I think my clientele would leave though.

8:16 PM: Give up on watching outside of house.

8:30 PM: Order food. Turn on TV. Decide to do this.

8:45 PM: Reported that Cindy Sheehan has been arrested. The reason: She was in her seat in the house chamber and started to unroll a banner in her lap. They were watching her. It was against the rules. They arrested her and are questioning her for one hour.

9:02 PM: Pour a glass of wine. Wait.

9:04 PM: Laura is wearing PINK. LIKE PINK PINK! Pink Laura Bush.

9:08 PM: Bush enters. Everyone claps. And stands. Everyone claps and stands.

9:11 PM: Bush is introduced at 9:11. Oh, 9:11.

9:12 PM: Opens with a mention of Coretta Scott King. Kind moment.

9:15 PM: Brought up 9/11.

9:16 PM: Focusing a lot on freedom around the world. Mentions that democracy is spreading across the world but doesn’t mention Palestine and the fact that the results weren’t positive.

9:17 PM: Brings up Osama (But has been quoted as not caring where he is.) Really pushing fear and all those murderous terrorists.

9:20 PM: Mentions Nazi’s for the first time without using the actual word. (Progress!)

9:22 PM: Brings up the fact that in three years a dictatorship was changed to a sovereign nation. Says we are, in fact, winning.

9:23 PM: (Pour another glass of wine.)

9:24 PM: Slights Murtha.

9:25 PM: Speaks directly to Congress. “Hindsight is not the same as wisdom.” States no matter how anyone feels about the past and the decisions made, we have to come together and stand behind our military and see this through, united. Everyone stands up to clap. (Of course everyone does. How about a plan for exiting?)

9:27 PM: Introduces a mother and father and wife of a dead soldier. Brings up how important our soldiers are.

9:32 PM: Brings up America’s compassion for the world: HIV/AIDs, Malaria, education for women in other countries, USA IS A PARTNER FOR A BETTER LIFE. America is compassionate. America must remain defensive against Terrorism. Thanks domestic security.

9:34 PM: Asks that we reinstate the Patriot Act.

9:35 PM: Brings up wiretapping. Is VERY passionate about the choice he made. Did what he did (and necessary members of Congress) in order to not get attacked again.

9:36 PM: Our president really, really likes the word ‘Freedom’.

9:37 PM: 4.6 Million new jobs. Economic performance that is “the envy of the world”.

9:39 PM: Brings up immigrants. Brings up the fact that some think they are bad for the economy. States that “this nation could not function without them.” (I could not agree more.)

9:40 PM: (I am finding this very hard to do. I’m boring myself but will finish, by god. I will.)

9:40 PM: MAKE THE TAX CUTS PERMANENT. (Everyone stands. Of course they do. They’re getting the cuts. How about you, I don’t know, RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE?)

9:42 PM: Kill 140 programs that are costing “American dollars”. Federal budget has too many “special interest” projects.

9:42 PM: Leave comment that I am touching myself. Drink more wine.

9:43 PM: Bush states that the Baby-Boomer generation is basically gonna bankrupt the country. Social Security, yadda yadda. A lot of Dems stand up and cheer as they shut his bill down. Or something.

9:44 PM: Asks that everyone finally get along while on the playground to get the problem solved. (Let’s play some kickball, yeah?)

9:45 PM: Global trade. Buy American. No one can out-produce the American worker. TRENTON MAKES THE WORLD TAKES! Yay Trenton!

9:46 PM: Reduce crime at the border. If you’re an immigrant and you’re already HERE, you’re fine. But the rest of you? So dead.

9:47 PM: Health care. (My favorite part) Affordable for workers. Asks Congress to pass a medical liability reform this year. (I’m not sure what that means, but I’ll find out.)

9:48 PM: Done with Healthcare. That was EASY! Now, we’re on to how we’re addicted to oil. (Screws up the word Nuclear. But that’s OK. I do that shit all the time. He’s forgiven for that from thy mihow.)

9:49 PM: Said the word “corn.”

9:49 PM: Mentions the desire to get away from our dependence on Middle Eastern Oil. Wants to make it a thing of the past. Aim is for 2025.

9:50 PM: Cheney’s little head just peered in from the side.

9:52 PM: Totally pushing the Math and Science and giving it to the kids to compete with other kids in other countries. (You know, might I suggest adding some more P.E. classes, too. I mean, yeah, they might know 3.14 but there’s another pie that’s like really powerful.)

9:55 PM: Brought up his anti-abortion stance.

9:57 PM: Followed that with the introduction of new Supreme Court judges.

9:57 PM: Brought up human life and how important it is and how no human life – embryonic research, or not – should EVER be bought or sold or created or discarded. (In other words, during this part, he was speaking to his fundamentalists—his base.)

9:59 PM: Pour another glass of wine.

10:00 PM: (I get pregnant.)

10:00.30s PM: (Have an abortion.)

10:01 PM: Brings up AIDS and African Americans being biggest victims. Continues to say he’s working with faith-based groups and churches to stop HIV infections. (Oh, yeah, that will help^)

10:02 PM: I think he’s wrapping up. He’s using words like ‘Morals’, and ‘Confidence’… yeah. It’s over. ‘God Bless America.’

10:03 PM: I am not smarter. Nor are you. I know this. You do, too. But, by God, did I ever need all this practice typing.

10:55 PM: Tobyjoe teaches me about the “straw man.” That is all.


  1. I find it hi-LAR-ious that you are watching the President, naked.


  2. I’m touching myself, too.


  3. And pouring wine at roughly 20 minute intervals. I know where this is going…


  4. Meanwhile, I had been informed that the episode of Veronica Mars that I missed last week would be airing on UPN. Not so. Fox News hijacked the channel.


  5. Oh my god I love you! See? I totally didn’t have to watch it. I just had to come here. I was in my daughter’s room from 9:01pm until 10:03pm. We read, we talked, we lay down and snuggled.
    This was perfect!


  6. I’m impressed that you could get pregnant while maintaining your A+ typing. Now that’s multi-tasking.


  7. I know, right?

    Also, I was wrong. Sheehan was arrested for wearing a t-shirt that read: 2,045 Dead. How Many More?

    She didn’t have a banner.

    Just thought I’d share.


  8. You can read Sheehan’s account off what happened here. It’s both infuriating and heartwrenching.


  9. cindy’s a whackjobmedia hound(imho)


  10. …And here he comes, stirrin’ it up! And that’s why we love the guy!

    Care to elborate, Greg? I don’t think you’re alone, I am curious as to why, though. Or is it just an overall feeling you get from her.


  11. As always Mihow, you are the best! I totally missed the speech last night. I heard about it on NPR yesterday driving Isabel to school and then promptly forgot about it until just now. Keep up the good reporting! :o)


  12. hehehehe……it seems to me that she’s using the death of her son as a way to promote herself more than to promote a realistic anti-war message. i’ve listen to her speak and i don’t get the impression that she is very bright or has a grasp on what’s going on and definitely not how one should go about it. she opens her mouth and hurts her cause. she does something stupid like wear a shirt like that to the SOTU, which she had to expect would attract attention to herself, and it did, come on!!! she sounds like a ten year old whining about her cell phone! her actions push her message deeper into the kookoo catagory and she’s back to her drum circle passing the bowl with Hugo. she lost a son, it’s horrible, but why does she get all the press? and why is she jet-setting and hanging out with the in crowd. demo’s dumper her off cause she was hurting their image, first smart thing they’ve done in a while…..remember, the above is completely MHO


  13. i mean the dems should dump her


  14. You opinion, which you are absolutely welcome to write about. Anytime, my dear.

    “she opens her mouth and hurts her cause.”

    That’s how I feel/felt about Moore. Even if his point is a good one, he tends to bring it in wearing ugly clothing.


  15. as in mikey moore? i put them in the same catagory(not the same ballpark, moore’s in the ballpark as this james frey). sure i watch his films, but i’m not falling for it wholesale. he’d be so much more affective if he would just stay behind the camera and stop thinking his viewers are idiots. he’s a mental fat kid (who just happens to be fat) and he feels sorry for himself and it seems the only way he can feel better about himself is to pick on other people and make boatloads of money for it. once again IMHO


  16. Sweet jesus, I think I just pulled something.


  17. you?!!!!!! i’m still cleaning off my computer screen!


  18. i’m sorry, you got me on a feisty mood


  19. No need to apologize.

    I am a little concerned about the fact that you’re doing something that led to having to clean off the computer monitor especially considering you were just talking about M. Moore. :] But I’ll let it slide.

    Different Strokes for different folks, eh?


  20. “i’ve listen to her speak and i don’t get the impression that she is very bright…”

    If we removed all those who are “not so bright” from the political process I bet Cindy Sheehan wouldn’t have a need to protest.

    [cheap shot, I admit it]


  21. hehehehe, no no not that, i just need to stop yelling at my computer when i make a hypos out of anger. ; )


  22. P.S. You two boys can not fight because I know both of you and if you knew each other you would like one another I am certain.

    Just incase it “goes there”. :] Not that it will.

    I just get nervous. Things used to get really, really sticky in here back in the day between family members and friends. It was bad, bad, bad. And then I got called names by someone and was eventually taken off the blog link list.

    Oh a story for another day indeed.

    I talk too much.


  23. Not family blogs, fyi. I was shunned from blogger’s blogs. It was awesome.

    For some, I am very famous for being an asshole.


  24. not cheap at all, it’s completely true….but i am from the camp that both sides are “not so bright.” just because one side says the other is dumb is no reason for me to believe it…..and it would make me dumb if i did. i say they’re all ass-kissing brown-nosing say-whatever-it-takes-to-get-elected lying politicians. i judge them by their actions, not what they say i should think. thats all……..i don’t believe in this political crap enough to fight, that would be silly…..: )


  25. Good. Good.

    We need someone like to attend family dinners. A mediator of sorts to make sure I don’t start spitting about SUVs and Oil and trash and education.

    I love my family, but we all know better now than to discuss politics.


  26. don’t worry, I don’t want to fight. heck, I don’t even like politics.

    gottta run I’m late for my, ummm, drum circle ;)


  27. ”….if you want to keep you friends, don’t talk about politics or religion!” my dad 1998+/- family is a whole other story.


  28. greg, a wise Irish man told me that when I lived in England. I never learn. But I should! And he would know!


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