Nixzmary Brown.

(Forgive me, I’m about to sound preachy. But this story has been eating away at me.)

By now, almost the entire nation has heard the story of Nixzmary Brown and the tragic way she died. If you haven’t heard about this case, you can read more about it here. Basically, a 7-year-old girl was discovered beaten to death. Not only was she repeatedly beaten, but also she was tied to a chair and locked in a small room. She was fed cat food and made to use the litter box as well. When officials found her body she weighed about 36 pounds.

Just like most of the horrific abuse stories go, officials were made privy to her abuse. Even her doctor was notified. Her doctor told the police her injuries were sustained in a fall. Family members said nothing. The ACS did nothing. Her death could have been prevented. No one did anything. I didn’t do anything. You didn’t do anything.

I’m so tired of the fact that we put more worth on those who aren’t alive than those who are. I realize I sound like a broken record. I wrote about how I feel about this before. I can’t let this one go, the hypocrisy and laziness of all of us. If anyone out there EVER wants me to take this pro-life movement seriously, start treating LIFE like it actually matters. Until then, shut up. Do something for the living. I’m sick of the dead outliving me. I’m sick of the fact that we apply compassion when it’s too late.

Hundreds of people showed up for Nixmary’s memorial services. Hundreds broke down and cried on the rainy streets of New York City. Where were all of these careful mourners when Nixmary was eating cat food? Where were they when she was sexually abused? Where were we when she used the litter box as a toilet? Where were we when ever other child cried beneath the fists of someone bigger and more evil than any make believe monster.

Hearing a story like Nixmary’s has brought people to their knees with a heartfelt gasp. People covered their faces in horror. They shake their heads and pity her. Where was their outrage when she was alive? How is it possible her relatives had NO IDEA she was being abused? I find it hard to believe. Could it be that we look the other way in hopes of things naturally working themselves out and when things don’t naturally work themselves out, we all stand back in horror pretending to be shocked and appalled in search of someone to blame? Could it be OUR fault we didn’t say something and we’re just not willing to accept that responsibility? Her relatives had NO idea? Come on, now. I find it a little hard to believe.

We look good in black. We make adequate and elegant martyrs. But we’re an ugly bunch of buffoons in need of a little direction given from a child. We’ve become so callous and evil and cynical and cruel.

Oh, I wish we had more grace.


  1. Michele, have you considered taking on/ joining some volunteer effort? I’m afraid your going to give yourself an embolism.


  2. i agree with missy, take a step back and take a deep breath. : )


  3. hahahahhahah

    Actually, funny you should ask, I contacted the ACS yesterday for information. However, I am certain they are being bombarded right now.

    I feel a little overwhelmed. sorry. :/


  4. Oh, come on, now. I don’t want to step back. Doesn’t this make anyone crazy? It makes me feel a little crazy.

    Gosh, guys. I’m still smiling. All is Ok.


  5. well, i start to worry when you bring up that , you know, that other thing and try to make parallels to this and that and i’m not quite sure where you’re headed….you’re going deep on intellectual stuff and throwing blame around and i’m not sure where the blame is sticking. what happened to that girl is maddening actually infuriating, so i agree with you on that end. : )


  6. I’m blaming everyone and no one. It’s so annoying watching the news here. Everyone wants someone to blame. No one seems to want to take responsibility.

    I’ve kinda had it with everyone, to be honest. I’m so tired of everyone pointing fingers instead of doing something about it.


    Right after hearing about who was to blame for Nixmary’s death, Fox news (Hey, i was at the gym. I don’t normally make a habit out of watching fox news) they said, “After the break, we’ll tell you about a potentially violent man who broke out of a mental hospital. Who’s to blame? Right after the break…”

    Don’t you ever get sick of it? I mean, fine, OK so this potentially dangerous man is out there and instead of telling us all how we can help and what we should do if this potentially violent man comes near us the BIG news is who we should blame for his being out there.

    Americans become more and more unwilling to take responsibility for anything. Really. It’s never our fault. Ever.


  7. We can’t even take responsibility for what we put in our mouths. The hell? We have freedom to do as we please and then once said freedom bites us in the ass we start screaming SUE THE BASTARDS!

    I ate the big mac. I drove the car. I smoked the cigarette. I bought the gun. I signed up to have my breasts done. Blah blah blah. Blah.


  8. I totally agree with you. It’s beyond disturbing. I’m almost ashamed to be part of the human race.


  9. The family is AS MUCH to blame as the monsters who did this to that child. I did not know Nixmary, or her “family”, but when I heard her story on the news, I automatically felt a need to be at her wake. I too, was a victim of child abuse. I thank God that I lived through it, but unfortunately, so many kids become scapegoats to these monsters. Nixmary’s family are a bunch of ACTORS and ACTRESSES!!!! I did not see ONE WET eye at her wake. Family members were talking on cell phones, giggling, and acting as if they were watching old, stale commercials on TV. EMOTIONLESS!!! I guess they forced crocodile tears for the media in the “5 MINUTES OF SHAME”.

    Nixmary’s story touched me so deeply. I wrote a Acrostic poem…which I hope to send to her LOW LIFE, BITCH OF A MOTHER.

    The title of the poem is “And In Heaven I am Whole”. The title can be found by reading the first letter to each sentence going down.

    Another night of what seems like

    Never-ending torture

    Daylight seems to take forever to come

    I am trembling and calling your



  10. Sad that this terrible thing happened and no one did anything to prevent it. What’s sadder is that it’s happening to another child somewhere as we live and breathe. We will go on raving until we forget, and another such story will grip the headlines and we’ll be here yet again, doing nothing. We’re a sad race.


  11. I am very sad and in tears and keep wondering in my mind why mother did not do anything before, during and after.
    she is guilty and she will have be forced to feel lots of pain and guilt and evently die a horrible death where second she can feel thousand million times the pain they endure on the poor defenseless, weak baby.
    My mind wishing so badly for her to be alive but I am going to so much grief with tears falling but remember this is not about my pain it is about the pain she suffered.
    I dont know what else to say just hoping time will take ease the pain.


  12. I get choked up when I hear her name. That is a beautiful poem, Elizabeth. So Sad. But I agree, we are to busy Mourning the dead, We need to save the other millions of children going through this ordeal NOW. I am a future RN (my last year)and plan to work for various public schools to try to be a advocate for these children in need. We have to stop this madness.


  13. Thanks for writing in everybody. Please feel free to stop back. We update the site daily.



  14. I haven’t stopped thinking about Nixmary since I first heard about her.

    I found this page by typing in “nixmary” on Google.

    Child protective workers were either fired or reassigned. That’s it. That’s IT? So some of them are not even out of a job over this thing. I can’t help but wonder if they will be applying for unemployment, in the hopes that all of the taxpayers can now pay them for not doing their jobs in the first place.

    Mom and Dad? Am I reading this right? Mom, who listened to Nixmary screaming in the bathroom and calling out for her, and responded by going to sleep, is charged with 2nd degree murder and manslaughter.

    Does it seem like enough? Not to me.
    And I agree about the “Right to Life” folks who go crazy over the thought of an embryo being destroyed but really have not done much for the welfare of children in this country at all.

    I think the individuals at the Child Protective Service need to be hauled into court over this one.

    I will never forget Nixmary Brown.


  15. I still cant calm down about this sad unjustice to Nixzmary.
    I say so what the girl ate food without permission…it is better she was eating at all expecially since was underweight.
    so what she stole milk formula…why cant she have it if she likes it. so what she broke toys, so what she had behavior problem.
    that is what all kids do…my girls do this all the time. and i never hit them or abuse them.
    when you have six kids and most of the attention is going to the most youngest one
    it is normal for older kids to have behavior issues because they are looking for same attention and eqaulity in the household.
    Nixzmary was very neglected and very abused child and beaten and killed for nothing.
    I have been in tears since I have heard about her. why did she lose out on everything.
    I want justice now now now!!!

    that stepfather married this dumb woman for basicaly one reason and within one month they married. that reason was because she had 4 little kids and the guy found an easy target for sexually molesting kids. why not just marry a stupid woman with little kids and keep a separate room to abuse them sexually. he had it planned all from the beginning. he was discharged dishonorably
    from army because of the child pornography found on his computer. his was a sick man from beginning and was looking for easy prey.
    I hope he is beaten everyday in jail and feels the pain every minute of his living life of what Nixzmary went thru.

    Nixzmary I you will always be in my heart.


  16. Thank you Esmihan for reading my poem for dedicated to this precious little angel. She will always and forever be in my heart. God knows I would have adopted that child in a heart beat. Kids will be kids…and regardless of what…they all deserve to be loved and tended to. My heart will forever be broken when I think of the abuse she was forced to suffer. May she forever be in the Lord’s care.


  17. Yes, I agree that sometimes we don’t want to see whats in front of our faces. We could had help Nixmary a lot, especially the neighbors of where she lived. I have had a couple of situations where I had to called ACS and tell them if I heard something that could endanger the well being of a child. My daughter wrote a poem dedicated to Nixmary even without knowing her. That melted my heart. She wanted to help this little girl but it was to late. She has the consolation which I told her “Don’t worry now at least she is not suffering no more and maybe just maybe people might wake up and help other children in her same situation. There are good people that help but there are others that say “That is none of my business and I will not get involved”. That is the reason so many children die. Now the family not crying in the mourning of Nixmary has me puzzled. How can they not cry for one of their own blood. They should be ashamed.


  18. For some really strange reason I was thinking about Nixzmary the other day and googled her to find out how the case progressed. It was January 11, 2007. I am so haunted by her story and want to take her in my arms. The worst is that it is still happening, right this minute, to some other sweet little angel. And I’m powerless to stop it. I can give to the right organizations, report anything suspicious at school and give to the poor, but what else can I do. I vow that if I ever saw my neighbors doing such a thing I would report them. Otherwise, the only thing I can do is hug and kiss my sweet babies in her honor.


  19. Carol, that’s a wonderful thing to write. Thank you for that. Very touching. And, yeah, counter it with love. :] hug your little ones.


  20. This poor little child. Yes, I may be eleven years old, I have never gotten into a fight, when a cruel, selfish, B** like Cesar beats on a innocent little girl like Nixzmary. I don’t even know this girl and I can see in the photos they show that this man was lying about Nixzmary being “wild”. I hate him. It takes my mom to dissapoint me for me to cry, so why am I in tears for a girl I only know through the news. I know for a fact if he would have killed a adult he would have gotten life in jail, but only 25 years for years of abuse to Nixzmary.


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