For Some, There Really Is No Such Thing As a Stupid Question.

I often find myself wondering about the most mundane things. I’m used to it. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to live with me, you’ve probably been forced to get used to this as well. Toby Joe humors me constantly. Before I met him, I had an older brother who would answer my questions. Questions like, “If I were a pitcher for the Yankees and I were to throw all balls and everyone walked at a baseball game, would I get a no-hitter?” would not only receive an answer, he’d actually ponder them for a second and then answer me without making me feel stupid.

I decided a long, long time ago that the day I met the boy like my older brother who’d not only humor me and all my questions but who would take it a step further and actually distribute a decent answer that he would be the boy I’d marry. When I met Toby, I knew I had met that boy. Suddenly, things like, “I wonder if blind guitarists have trouble reading brail?” or “I wonder if woman with annoying voices get their own offices by way of all the red tape while working in corporate America.” had met welcoming ears. And, besides, my brother worked hard for his retirement.

Last night as we lay in bed, Toby Joe read his book. Usually, while he reads and I wind down, I’ll spend that time staring the wall in front of us where the multi-colored map of the United States hung. And the question I have had time and time again came back to me.

Why are the states shaped the way that they are? Why does Idaho HAVE to touch Canada? Why does Kentucky look like a blind contour drawing? Why does Florida seem so greedy? Why does Alabama only get a sliver of coastline? Why did Oklahoma feel the need to get its panhandle on New Mexico? Why are these states shaped this way? I really, really want to know this. I realize that in some cases they were drawn due to geography. But I know that’s not the case for all of them.

And what’s the deal with Texas?


  1. Apparently, I’m going to have to ask this to Dr. Maddow. Or Google.

    Ya’all are no help.


  2. Texas just rocks because it has too so that we can buy cool stuff shaped like our state – like a friend once said, you don’t see Wisconsin people buying up trivets shaped in the state of Wisconsin. All I know about Texas is that we were once our own Republic, so our shape was always there. The rest of them? I dunno!


  3. Texas is shaped that way at the top because its the way the Red River runs, the panhandle is from the Missouri Comprimise and the bottom is the Rio Grande…you probably didn’t care to know that much though did you?


  4. Are you kidding me, Zac? Of COURSE I want to know. I really, really mean it. I am seriously going to write in to my favorite radio show host to see what she says about it.

    You have anything else up your sleeve? Do share!


  5. you and I were twins in a former life


  6. My wife says I know alot of useless crap..I would rule at jeopardy if only they had catagories like, “Minerals Found in Asphalt”, “Sitar Cover Songs”, and of course “State Shape Causing Rivers”.


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