An Everywhere Post Because I Don’t Have Much Time.

I really, really wish I had more time to write about this. But I’m trying to catch up after having been on vacation. Our political atmosphere here in the US of A is getting more and more intriguing and more and more daytime soap by the minute.

Abramoff has pleaded guilty to bribery and faces a decade in prison. I’m certain he’ll be singing like a canary in no time at all. Bush has decided to donate thousands of campaign dollars Abramoff gave him to the American Heart Association. I wonder if he’d have done this had Abramoff NOT plead guilty. And more recently, the rumor is, that Emily Miller, the press aide and angry ex-lover of Michael Scanlon, may have been the catalyst behind the latest scandal in Washington.

Last night, while running at NYSC, I saw the answers to a poll flash across the screen before me. The poll read:

“Do you think Bush should be impeached?”

The answers:

Yes = 65%
No = 35%

While I realize that there are probably a number of Democrats behind the lies and bribery fiascos all over Washington, I really, really hope this proves we have a fighting chance during the 2008 Presidential Election.

I’m really awful at writing political commentary. Hell, I can barely discuss politics without getting worked up. That said, please, everyone, convince Toby Joe Boudreaux that he should write more about politics. He’s good at it.

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