The ACE Bar

I discovered something today because it suddenly began to show up on my referral list. Apparently, the ACE Bar is for sale on EBAY. It’s up to 670,000.00 and there are 26 days left. I think they should give it to us for our wedding anniversary because that’s where I met Toby Joe.

(Moment In Life I Regret will continue after the holiday.)


  1. maybe we can split it. that’s where mike and i had our first date.


  2. Good idea. Can you get a hold of 400 grand? I’ll take care of the rest.


  3. its been really weird there lately. the weeknights have been the same, but the weekend has consistently drawn this odd crowd that mixes the locals/regulars with what i think is upper east side, and other says is jersey feel.

    the advent of picturephones and gawker has killed that and too many other bars too. one fucking snapshot on a cellphone of a celebrity, and 30minutes later 300people show up. nyc needs more bars with cheap drinks and good pinball tables.


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